How To Load A Washing Machine with Roux Maison

At Roux Maison, every day is Earth Day! We are always looking for ways to make the best natural laundry detergents that are as eco-friendly as possible. We want to make it easier for all of us to make little changes that can have bigger cumulative impacts both for our families and our planet. After all, they are both the only ones that we’ve got and we need to treat them as well as we can!

Some things may seem obvious, but it’s always funny when we find a better way to do them. We all know the basics of loading a washing machine, but many of us are also used to big jugs of brightly colored, strong smelling detergents. So, using super-concentrated Roux Maison natural laundry detergents will be a different, and hopefully, much improved experience for you. We want help to make sure you don’t waste a single drop of it!

Washing with an all natural laundry detergent like Roux Maison couldn’t be simpler! Because all of our detergents are 6x concentrated, our bottles are small. Less than 1/2 oz of detergent washes a full load of laundry in either an HE or a standard machine. The dosing amounts are the same no matter what kind of machine you have. So, you will get the same number of washes per bottle with any kind of machine. Each 16 oz bottle of detergent can wash at least 40 full loads of laundry since a single load of laundry requires only 2 capfuls of detergent.

To load your machine, pour two capfuls of Roux Maison detergent into the washing machine or detergent dispenser. Of course, if you have a smaller load, use less detergent at your discretion. Oftentimes, one capful is plenty for a small load. If you are hand washing in the sink, usually just a few drops will do the trick. After pouring your desired amount of detergent into the cap to measure it, wipe the inside and any drips of the outside of the detergent bottle cap with a piece of your dirty laundry that you are washing (clothing, towel, etc.). This keeps the detergent from running down the side of the bottle. Then you can replace the cap securely. Load machine with dirty laundry and you’re done! Our detergents are so good and effective that we want to make sure you get to use every bit in every bottle!

Here’s an instructional video on how we load our laundry machines at Roux Maison:

All Natural Laundry Detergent for a Healthier You and the Environment

Roux Maison Natural Laundry DetergentWho knew that the laundry detergent you use can make your home a healthier place?  We did!

Harsh chemicals found in conventional laundry products and dry cleaning solvents are bad for the environment and they are bad for your clothes.  Embedded in the fibers, these harsh, abrasive and often toxic chemicals remain as residue on your clothes, towels and sheets.  When you do not use a natural laundry detergent like Roux Maison, you are surrounded by these chemicals – when you get dressed…when you dry off after a shower….when you sleep…you name it!  Long term use can harm both your health and the environment every time you wash your clothes.

Furthermore, these chemicals also shorten the longevity of your fabrics. They weaken fibers and accelerate the speed at which they would naturally degrade and deteriorate. As a result, everything you wash doesn’t last as long as it should. At the same time, you and your environment are exposed to toxins, allergens, irritants, and carcinogens.

We all care about using products that will improve our health and welfare and have a positive impact on the environment. Some changes are easier than others and that’s why we make the best natural laundry detergents.

We want your clothes to look great after every washing. We want to save you money on needless dry cleaning. But we also want to make sure that our natural laundry detergents do not harm the environment and keep your home and family safe.

Roux Maison makes the best natural laundry products we can so you have peace of mind about all these things.

Keep Your Valentine’s Day Clean & Bright With Roux Maison Stain Remover!

Roux Maison Laundry Detergents
Valentine’s Day can often bring unsightly stains along with wine and roses. Fortunately, with Roux Maison laundry products on hand, you can avert any crisis while still looking picture perfect. Our Roux Maison Stain Remover is so versatile and effective that it will improve or remove many common stains, especially when you can treat them quickly and have some other multi-purpose items on hand. Keep Roux Maison Stain Remover around for all of your emergencies.

Roux Maison Laundry Detergents
Wine is a really common stain and a really easy one to clean. Whether white or red, try to dab up the stain to stop it from spreading. For white wine, some club soda will often remove all residue, while red wine stains may need a little more work and some water to rinse them. You can use your finger or a small brush like an old toothbrush to work some Roux Maison Stain Remover into the leftover stain. Let it sit and soak in for a few minutes and you should see a huge improvement, if not complete stain removal. Laundering your garment afterwards should remove the entire stain. You can also wet the area with water and then re-apply your Roux Maison Stain Remover.

Roux Maison Stain RemoverIf you’re anything like us, chocolate often finds its way onto your clothes this time of year. The first thing you want to do is try and remove any excess. Sprinkle some cornstarch or talcum powder on the chocolate stain and leave it for at least 15 minutes or so. This should absorb most of the chocolate so that you can gently scrape the rest off with a dull butter knife. If it looks like there is still a lot left on your garment, you can repeat this step. Next, use your Roux Maison Stain Remover and work it into the stain and let it soak in for at least 15 minutes or so. Launder as usual.

Roux Maison Delicate DetergentLipstick is another common culprit. If you dab the area with a little petroleum jelly, this should take most of it out. Next, apply some white vinegar to take out any residual color and rinse it all with cool water. Follow with Roux Maison Stain Remover and launder as usual.

Valentine AngelWith all that wine and chocolate, you probably lit some candles too. If candle wax finds its way onto your clothes, try to freeze it off by either putting the garment in the freezer or just rubbing with an ice cube until it hardens. You can then use a dull butter knife to scrape and crack off as much wax as possible. Next, place several layers of paper towel on the stain and use a warm iron to pull as much of the remaining wax as possible into the towels and off of your garment. Replace the towels and repeat if they become saturated.

We hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with lots of chocolate or wine and roses – whatever your heart desires!

Why Roux Maison Makes Different Formulas Of Laundry Detergent


Roux Maison Essential, Sport and Delicate Detergents

Roux Maison Essential, Sport & Delicate Detergents

Roux Maison currently manufacturers four types of laundry detergent: Essential, Sport, Delicate and Swimwear. All of our formulas are designed to be gentle and ensure fabric preservation and longevity. However, different fabrics require different care to maintain their optimal cleanliness and condition. We want to thoroughly clean everything in the most gentle manner possible. To that end, none of our detergents leave behind any chemical residue and they all effectively remove residue left from other detergents. This alone is a huge help in extending the life of your fabrics and garments. However, we believe that in order to maintain all of your garments in their optimal condition, you need to treat each one with the most appropriate product for its fabric content as well as the stains most common to these fabrics. So, we make fabric-specific detergents that are each separate and distinct formulas that are geared to these different fabrics, their composition and durability, as well as the common conditions they each encounter. For example, the product you would want to use to clean athletic clothing effectively would probably be far too harsh on a silk blouse even though it would be perfect for your workout gear and not too harsh on it.

So, we set out to make the ideal detergents for what we think are the primary sets of clothing and fabrics we all have in our homes. Our Delicate Detergent is specifically formulated for fragile fibers and garments; silk, linen, delicate synthetic fabrics, hosiery, shapewear, any antique linens or garments. It targets body oils, perspiration salts and stains most common to these types of fabrics and garments. Our goal is to thoroughly clean without damaging or shortening the lifespan of these fabrics. We strike a perfect balance in removing these odors and stains without damaging the fabric. In addition, Roux Maison Delicate Detergent is an ideal replacement for dry cleaning and can save you a great deal of money as well as the wear and tear from dry cleaning. Please check out the cleaning tips section of our website for great care suggestions for all of your various garments and fabrics.

Our Essential Detergent is our all-purpose formula for your sheets, towels, t-shirts and daily laundry needs. These fabrics are more dense than delicate garments and require more agitation to get into their fibers and get completely clean. So, even though this formula is gentle on these specific fabrics, it can be too harsh for certain lingerie and other delicate items.

How Our Garden Grows

There is nothing more amazing than seeing your vision come to fruition!  It’s hard to believe how fast everything has exploded in our garden.  We can host our own tomato festival and can’t even count all of new things that are popping up every single day.  It is definitely gratifying after all of the hard work and daily watering to get to pick and eat fresh fruits and vegetables from your own yard and have constant fresh cut fresh flowers in the house too. It’s such fun to share the bounty with friends and to teach our little girl about gardening and the value of nutrition too.  Of course, we love it when someone pops a tomato in her mouth and makes a mess because you know we have just the thing to clean it up!

Garden July 2013

Peony with tomato

Earth Day

It’s springtime.  Everything is in bloom and the weather is finally warmer.  What better time than now to think of ways we can make small changes in our behavior that could yield big results in terms of energy savings and conservation.  We are all so busy and a lack of time is usually our biggest excuse for all of the things we would like to do but do not always get around to do.  We know what a great job you are already doing with your laundry by using Roux Maison.  You are avoiding harsh and abrasive chemicals in your laundry and home, and you have a smaller carbon footprint with our American-made, 6x concentrated detergents.   Now it’s time to tackle something new.

So, for me anyway, it helps to have limited goals and expectations so that they are achievable. This year for Earth Day, we are so excited to set up our a vegetable garden to have our own farmer’s market all year long.

herb garden

herb garden


Tomato plants










We’ve just started to plant things as they become available and are starting many vegetables from seeds that we will transfer to the raised beds.  So far, the bunnies are still one step ahead of us.  They’ve gotten much of the broccoli and are trying to work on the spinach.  We got lots of rubber snakes in hopes of scaring them off.  I’m not sure how well this experiment will work out. At the very least, we will have some really fat and well-fed rabbits in our neighborhood!


Cutting flowers and all kinds of raspberries and veggies

The broccoli the rabbits ate

The broccoli the rabbits ate










This is our way of doing something to help us observe Earth Day everyday.  We hope you have a great Earth Day too and we would love for you to share your ideas and projects with us!

Happy Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Parade

We have our own parade

Mardi Gras is near and dear to our hearts and is the quintessential Louisiana event. Carnival season is always fun and filled with amazing parties, food and parades. While we are sad when we are not able to join the festivities in person, we do our best to have a little bit of the party wherever we may be! Roux Maison stays in the spirit all year long with a little wink to Mardi Gras and our Louisiana roots.

Roux Maison Starter Kits

Roux Maison laundry products are all color coded by scent, and our colors are our own versions of the Mardi Gras colors of purple, gold and green. Traditionally, purple represents justice, gold represents power and green represents faith. For us, purple represents our Ambrosia scent which is a soothing lavender blend. Gold represents our Sweet Tea scent that is citrusy, and green is for the bright and fresh scent of all of our fragrance-free laundry products.

We found the King!

We decorate and celebrate and always have a King Cake! We’ve managed to find some really good options locally here in Nashville and you can probably find some good ones where you live as well. If not, you can always ship one in from New Orleans. We hide the little King in the cake and the person who finds it must buy the cake and host the party the following year.

We hope your Mardi Gras is filled with fun, friends and laughter and that you find the baby in your King Cake! Let us know your favorite ways to celebrate!

Everyone loves King Cake

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Happy New Year From Roux Maison!


Roux Maison Laundry DetergentAll of us at Roux Maison certainly hope your holidays were happy. We are sure that you are all in recovery mode like the rest of us and just trying to get things cleaned up and organized enough so your New Year will be as stress-free as possible. If you’re anything like us, you aren’t finished putting away everything from the holidays and you are already feeling behind.

So, along these lines, even though we know everyone’s plates are full, sometimes it is easier to get organized now instead of continuing to play catch-up later. In the upcoming weeks, we will try to give you some helpful tips for getting a jump on spring cleaning and general organization since we always want our homes to be to be as clean and presentable as we can manage!

As much as it may seem like too much to add to your list, don’t forget about the things that you can’t see. With all the laundry we do this time of year, we want to be sure that our washing machines are as clean as our washed laundry! Lots of grime and gunk can build up in our machines that prevent them from working to the best of their ability.  We like to do this on a regular basis and right after the holiday season is a perfect time to start.  We know that people have many different recipes and we like to limit ourselves to ingredients that we know are safe for us and our machines.

So, here are some really easy instructions for washing your HE or standard machine with items you already have at home.

  • Whether your washing machine has a “Clean Washing Machine” setting or not, we like to use 1 cup of distilled white vinegar and set your machine on a clean machine setting if you have one, or else use a long cycle hot water wash setting.
  • Add the vinegar and use the hottest water that you can.
  • If your have an HE machine that does not add enough water to the drum, you can always add more hot water or add towels to the drum so the sensor will then add more water.
  • Let it sit for an hour or so before you run the cycle.
  • We also like to use a microfiber cloth or sponge and wipe down the outside of the machine as well as all of the dispensers, knobs and crevices with some white vinegar as well.
  • For front loading HE machines, pay special attention to the rubber ring inside the door. Moisture and mildew can build up in there if you do not make meticulous efforts to keep it clean. Wipe it down regularly and try to keep the door open between uses so it will stay dry. You can rub in vinegar and let it soak for any extra grimy areas as well.

Let us know what great tips you have and what you do to clean up for and from the holidays! Email us at:

Everyone at Roux Maison wishes you the happiest, healthiest and cleanest New Year possible! Thank you so much for a great 2012 and we are excited for 2013!

Roux Maison Fans Sing Their Thanks!

As usual, we find that we can’t begin to tell you about all the ways Roux Maison laundry products can make your life easier any better than our own customers.  So, we would like to introduce you to our friend, Susan, and let her tell you in her own words her story about rescuing a ball gown right before a big event. She was so enthusiastic about our stain remover that she even wrote an excellent song to accompany her story! Thank you for sharing your story and your song, Susan. We appreciate it so much and would love to hear more stories from all of you!

Our customers are so great at telling their stories about Roux Maison and we always love to hear how our products help save them time and money!

An Actual Roux Maison Testimony:

Hello my name is Susan Eslick. I am not and have never been a model or a television actress. I am a Hair Designer and a Make-up Artist.

I heard of Roux Maison through the owner and founder of the company, Deena Drummond. I obtained some samples and used them from time to time on stains I had on my clothes from food, color or something from the great outdoors. The product was always reliable, but nothing of major proportions had ever really challenged to me put my Roux Maison products to the “TEST”. As fate would have it that “TEST” day was not too far in the distant future and the product I am speaking of in particular is the Roux Maison Stain Remover.

That fateful March Saturday began with a huge rainstorm that lasted all day and seemed like it would never end. It should have warned me of the disaster that lay ahead for me, my client and a small but ominous stain that would appear on a very visible part of a ball gown that was adorning the chairwoman of a huge social ball. My client, who is also a dear friend, and I had worked together to procure an elegant look for her. As I mentioned before, the weather was so horrible that we decided it would be best if I did her hair and makeup at her home. Upon my arrival we decided to do her hair first.

I set up my mini beauty shop in her dressing room. We completed her lovely hair-do and she then decided to put on her ball gown, a lovely pale shell pink chiffon shift over an attached satin slip of the same color and adorned with gunmetal grey beading over the entire dress.  We then discussed what make-up to apply. She is a natural beauty and needs little enhancement with any make-up other than some lipstick and mascara but for this special night we decided to step it up a notch, lipstick, mascara and EYELINER!!   Oh and did I have the EYELINER, a gunmetal grey that would match the beading in her dress; I was so EXCITED!

Normally at this point I should have draped her with a towel or cape but it was only LIQUID EYELINER; what could happen? This is what can happen, one eye done and one to go the GUNMETAL GREY LIQUID EYELINER decides it will not only attach to the eye but will form a pin size ball and detach from the eyeliner brush and drop smack dab into the middle of the lap of my client who is wearing the CHIFFON AND SATIN GUNMETAL BEADED BALL GOWN!!!!!!!! ##%%!!###%%####% !!!!! {the words I can not print that escaped from my mouth upon EYELINER impact}.

At this point I have broken into my own “Personal Summer” sweat.  I am having my own mini breakdown. But, who is remaining calm? None other than my client/friend who has gone into some serene, yogi state of mind. I guess that’s why she is chairing this huge event, she can “handle” the stress. She remarks she can wear another ball gown and I, still in a state of shock, ask her if she has an extra shell pink ball gown with gunmetal grey beading because she had told me earlier that was the color and theme of the ball!! She calmly answers no and another round of “Personal Summer Sweat” for me. She even suggests that since the EYELINER is the exact color of the beading maybe it blends in!!  The PIN SIZE DROP OF LIQUID EYELINER, upon impact, has spread unmercifully into a spot about the size of a quarter on the part of the dress which covers my client’s “private parts” and is definitely not” blending” in!

We realized at this point we were avoiding the inevitable, REMOVE THE STAIN! Another round of PSS for me. I ask her what she had available or suggests and she tells me she has a bottle of Roux Maison Stain Remover. I had used this product on the afore-mentioned, but liquid eyeliner on an organic porous fabric was entirely a different situation. At this point we had nothing to lose and now we were racing the clock because she had less than 40 minutes to arrive at her event and that included drive time.  I took the bottle of Roux Maison Stain Remover and applied it to a damp cloth. I then put a dry towel underneath the dress she was still wearing and started dabbing the spot, praying, dabbing, praying, etc… you get the picture. It took about 15 to 20 minutes with more applications of the Stain Remover, but, much to both our amazement and surprise, the GUNMETAL GREY LIQUID EYELINER SPOT came out of the dress just beautifully without one stain or smell from the product. I cannot sing the praises of this incredible product enough but I will try.

A Roux Maison Tune

Stolen from the concept of Annie Lenox’s” Why” {Diva Album}


WHY……? WHY……..? How many times do I have to try to tell myself to use a cape or towel when applying make-up…………………..oooooooooooooo

But when I tell myself I got it on her dress, I created a mess and I knew the trouble had just begun……………..oooooooooooooo

I’ve asked myself too many times why don’t they ever make a product to help people like meeeeee……….ooooooooooooo

And then I realize that there is an incredible product and it’s called Rouxmaison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…………..It’s just in the beginning stages but did you notice how Roux Maison rhymed with begun? Pretty clever. Well that’s my story about the beginning of my love affair with Roux Maison Stain Remover, I hope for those of you who have never tried it you will. It’s AWESOME!!!

The year of the girl.

Olympic Rings

The year of the girl.

That’s what I read today.  Michael Phelps and his all-time Olympic supremacy notwithstanding, girl power is dominating the Olympics and creating a huge and overwhelming swell of national honor that is the cherry on top of the pride that we all feel during any and all Olympics anyway.  Gymnastics, swimming, a nail-biting end in soccer, track and field, Serena in all her glory, and the guys’ eternal favorite, beach volleyball.  Suddenly, even the least sports-minded among us become the biggest sports fans.  We all do and we can’t help it.  Every sport and every event, our American women seem to own it.  They make it all look effortless and easy, like they just bothered to show up, even though we all know how far that may be from the truth!  But, isn’t that the very definition of their supreme skill and confidence?  They are doing something we cannot, regardless of all of our day-dreams, aspirations and woulda, coulda, shouldas.  They worked harder and have more talent.  It takes both to excel and there are precious few of us who have either and even fewer with the dedication to see how far we can go.  This is why true champions are so rare.  They earned every accolade and then some.  They transcend all of our petty differences so we all truly feel united.  We are proud of these Olympians in a way that makes us  feel like we contributed in some small way, from the comfort of our sofas and with snacks within arm’s reach, as we contemplate how we would fare competing against them and in what events we could compete in another four years!  We only hope there is some calorie burning component to watching them on tv.

So, the next time you hear someone say “You play like a girl!”  Hold your head hight and just say, thank you very much!

Go Team USA!
Girls’ rule!

Are You Having Fun Yet?

Are you having fun yet?

We are!  Summer is flying by, even though it feels like it’s been summer forever here in Nashville!  We are hot but happy.  It’s funny how the grass is always greener and we always wish for the season and the weather that we do not currently have.   It seems like everyone has taken off for sunny and sandy spots and those of us left behind are trying to embrace the hot, dry weather.  We can’t change it so we might as well learn to love the perpetual bad hair days!  At least we’re all sharing it right?   We are loving growing tomatoes and trying to wage a losing battle against the sneaky chipmunks.  There should be enough for all of us to share, but they don’t seem to play nice and subscribe to that line of thought.  So, at least we have lots of amazing farmer’s markets around town to supplement the difference.  It’s so much fun to come up with recipes for all the amazing produce.  Last year we joined a CSA and got weekly bundles of whatever was fresh and ready to pick/harvest.  We loved it, but were out of town too frequently to take full advantage. This year, we are just going to the farmer’s markets once we use up what we bought last time! It’s always so hard to find time to cook, so I like to try and make a lot of whatever I do make so I can freeze some for later.  I’m trying to do this with both baby food and our food.  There’s nothing better than having fresh tomato sauce in the middle of the winter.  What are some of your favorite seasonal recipes?  We would love to try them!

Here’s a salad that is one of my current favorites and really easy to make.  I have been on a huge kale kick lately and love it in all forms.  I adapted this from a super yummy salad I had recently  at Tavern here in Nashville.

Take 1 bunch of kale – wash, trim and cut it.

Microwave or steam it until the volume decreases by almost 1/2 or until it is cooked to your liking.

Allow it to cool and season with salt and pepper.

Sprinkle with  a generous amount of grated parmesan cheese, slivered almonds and dried currants.

Toss with good quality olive oil.

Optional – serve with grilled salmon, chicken or protein of your choice.

Serves 2-4

Let us know what you think and I hope you’re having better luck protecting your garden from the chipmunks.  Bon Appetit!

May Guest Blogger: Author/Songwriter Alice Randall

Today, we are so thrilled and honored that our dear friend, author and songwriter extraordinaire, Alice Randall, is our guest blogger. She is one of the most interesting and articulate people we know, as her blog entry will demonstrate!  Alice is always witty, insightful and creative and we are sure  you will enjoy getting to know her.

If you haven’t done so already, please purchase Alice’s latest book, Ada’s Rules here. We have our copies and can’t wait to start reading.  Like all of her novels,  we know we’ll love it and think you will as well. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Ada's Rules


Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I like best about Nashville—and it’s that we help each other. My favorite story about this involves two amazing women Matraca Berg and Trisha Yearwood.

Almost two decades ago but not quite, I got an opportunity to write a song for a television show. I asked my friend Matraca who had written several number one songs if she would help me. She quickly agreed and we sat down to write. And we sat down to write. And we didn’t get much of anything done.  We both knew it. I thanked her for her time and said I would recommend the show use a classic country hit where our song was to have been.  I woke up the morning I was supposed to be turning in our new hit song and I was depressed. I took my daughter to school depressed. An hour or so later the school called saying my daughter needed something I had forgotten. I was failing as a mother and as a songwriter. I got in the shower and started scolding myself. I said, in my head, “You’ve got a picture of your Mama in heels and pearls and you’re trying to make it in your daddy’s world—and it’s never gonna work.” Then I said that same thing, right out loud except instead of saying the never work part I said, “you’re an American girl.”

I raced over to Matraca’s house with those few lines. She let me in. I don’t think it was an hour later we had it all. Days later Wynonna recorded it. Shortly after that, the day we were supposed to do overdubs and master the record and provide it to the television show, Wynonna collapsed on a plane. The song that almost wasn’t, wasn’t again. Then it was. I remembered my friend Trisha Yearwood was recording not far away an album of her own. With no preamble I ran over to that other studio. I told her every syllable of the truth and I begged her come sing our record—sing in Wynonna’s key and sing our song like she had been our choice from the first. And she did. She left her studio to come save my good chance.

Not long after that record spent two weeks at number one. And none of it would have happened in any town but Nashville where friends still help each other raise barns even if the barns are hit records or fancy healthy organic soap companies. This is a town of creativity and community and integrity and that is why I love it so and for so, so, so, long.

And that’s why I’m guest blogging. Deena is a good friend with a good product. And when we say good down here we mean great. We mean fine. We mean as it should be. And I guess that means this story is really about three amazing women.

Making A Delicious Gumbo From A Roux!

In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend and our last blog that told you about the inception of our name and the meaning of “roux”, we thought we could just show you one!  So, if you’re still looking for something special to do for mom on Sunday, here are some shots of our gumbo in progress! Bon Appétit!
Shrimp for our RouxVeggies for RouxSimmering the RouxLetting the Roux simmer
Nothing shows Mom you love her more than a gift you make yourself!

Happy Earth Day!

Roux maison laundry detergent line

Earth Day is one of our favorites here at Roux Maison.  How we can make a difference in taking care of our planet is at the forefront of a lot of our minds right now.  It gives us the perfect opportunity to let you know how we are doing our part to make it easier for you to do yours too.  Change happens slowly and incrementally, and small adjustments in the way we live can make a big difference.  We started this company so you would have at least one clear choice to make each day. We all want to provide the best and healthiest products for our families, and that is what we set out to create with Roux Maison.

Modifying our habits and purchasing decisions does not have to mean making sacrifices.   Roux Maison is proof of that!  We’ve developed an elegant line of fine, vegan laundry products that are safe for you, your family, and our planet.  We eliminated unnecessary chemicals that are toxic and harmful to you as well as the environment.  We created detergents safe for your delicates so you can avoid dry cleaners and the resulting chemicals.  As an added bonus, we save you time and money on trips to the cleaners!  We reduced our carbon footprint by using less water in our 6x concentrated detergents and less packaging in our bottles.  By simply using our full-sized 16-ounce bottles, you can make a small change every day that will add up to a big one over time! What tips do you have to make a difference on Earth Day?

Roux Maison conserves the items you love so they will be around for many more Earth Days to come.  We worked hard to make the highest quality and safest products that we could, because every day is Earth Day at Roux Maison.

What Is A Roux?

It’s okay to admit it – you’ve always wondered what exactly is a roux!  Even if you are not from Louisiana or are not particularly culinarily inclined, we thought you’d like to know a little about the distinctive qualities of a roux.

A classic French preparation, a roux (pronounced rū) is a cooked mixture of flour and oil used as a thickening agent in a soup or a sauce.  How does a chef prepare a roux, you ask?   She takes simple ingredients, carefully blends them, and transforms them into something delicious!  Our resident roux chef, Deena Drummond, is a master at fine-tuning a perfect roux.  As she stirs her roux, it begins to change color, taste and texture. The longer it cooks, the more complex it becomes, each stage yielding a roux different from the one before it.  Deena tells us that a well-executed roux is so versatile that it can serve as the basis for a wide range of mouthwatering creations – from the savory to the sweet.  (To this day, two of Deena’s favorite dishes to create are étouffée and gumbo; after all, she is from Louisiana!)

Our resident roux chef also just happens to be our CEO here at Roux Maison, and she’s here to tell you that her laundry detergents are just as versatile and high-quality as her roux.  After dealing with years of frayed clothing and the smell of chemicals from conventional laundry products and dry cleaners, Deena decided to make a “laundry roux” of her own.  Just like the roux in Deena’s étouffée recipe, Roux Maison mixes simple, natural ingredients and turns them into the finest laundry products. Green doesn’t always equate to clean, but it does with Roux Maison products.

Just another reason to Love Your Laundry!

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung here in Nashville and we are loving every minute of it! The daffodils are in bloom and everything is starting to turn green.  How is the weather where you live?  Are you as excited as we are for the sunshine, flowers and warm weather?  Something about daylight savings and longer days at least makes us feel more productive with more hours of sunlight.  Of course, it’s hard to be really productive when you just want to go out and play in the sunshine. One of our favorite things to do in this weather in Nashville is go to one of our many fabulous parks for the afternoon.  The Warner Parks and Radnor Lake are always packed, beautiful and constantly changing as more and more things start blooming every day.  Distractions are easy to come by and March Madness definitely does not help the situation either!  As long as Vanderbilt keeps winning we may never truly get everything on our lists crossed off. Please share with us any fabulous spring break trips that you are taking. We would love to hear all about them!

Happy Presidents’ Day!

          Happy Presidents’ Day to all of you!  We hope you’re at least getting to slow down a little bit today, especially if you’re like us and you’re working.  It’s been a really busy New Year so far for us here at Roux Maison.  January flew by in a resolution-filled blur and it’s hard to believe that February is quickly passing.  More and more people all over the country are learning about our amazing line of laundry products and trying them every day.  We are thrilled and grateful for all of the great feedback and customer responses we continue to receive.
          We are so excited that selected Roux Maison to feature this Wednesday, February 22.  If you aren’t a subscriber already, you should be!  Daily Grommet is a great source to try and learn about cool, new products and the stories behind them.  You get the inside scoop on how and why these things came to exist and you’ll be glad to have them on your radar.  We will be answering questions on their message board Wednesday afternoon and would love to answer your questions as well.  Please check it out and send in your questions and comments.  We can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say.

Can you please pass the cranberry sauce…and the stain remover?

Baby it’s cold outside and we are all still in our Turkey comas here at Roux Maison.  Fortunately for us, it’s easy to see what great Thanksgiving meals everyone ate since we have many messy eaters in our midst who literally wear everything they eat on their sleeves, and stomachs, etc.  No one has to worry since they all know that we can clean pretty much anything they bring us!  Messy eaters are just one of the many things for which we are thankful at Roux Maison, where we try to make life easier so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff or worry about the products you bring into your home.  Things are always especially hectic this time of year, so try to take a little time to enjoy the season because it will all be over before you know it.

Do you have any special tips or tricks to share for staying calm in the midst of holiday stress?  We would love to know and share them!

Love Your Laundry!

Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Fall.

Roux Maison Swimwear Detergent

Happy November!

We have been so busy here at Roux Maison and we are selling in a lot of new stores all over the country.  We will have a new retailer page on our site soon where you can find stores to buy Roux Maison products locally.

Summer seems to last forever in Nashville so this is finally the time of year when we pack up all of our summer clothes for their winter hibernation and pull out all of our cozy sweaters and cold weather gear.   We like to make sure that we thoroughly clean everything prior to storing it for the off-season.  We wash all of our swim suits one last time in Roux Maison Swimwear Detergent to make sure there is no leftover chlorine or saltwater on them so that they will be good as new when we get them out in the spring.  Do you have any special tips or tricks for cleaning and storing all of your summer swimwear and clothing?

Send us your best tips and if you send us one that we use again on our blog, we will send you a special gift from Roux Maison.

Love Your Laundry!

This is a big week for us at Roux Maison!

We are thrilled to unveil some new products and our new and improved website as we get ready to attend the NYIGF New York International Gift Fair for the first time this week, August 14-18. Our booth will be located at the Javits Center, At Home, Booth #7879. We have a lot to share and to show you. In particular, we are really excited to introduce Sport and Delicate Detergents in Fragrance-Free. You asked for it and we listened! Please come visit our booth if you will be in New York. We would love to meet you! Take some time to check out our new site to tell us what you think, as well as new products that you would like to see. The new is full of information, cleaning tips and lots of pretty pictures. We are undergoing many big changes these days and welcome your feedback.

If you haven’t tried our fabulous and innovative products yet, now is the perfect time to do so!

Thank you for letting us Love Your Laundry!

Welcome to Roux Maison!

Welcome to our new blog for our new company, Roux Maison!  We are so excited to finally get to share our amazing laundry products with you and we certainly hope that you will jump on our growing bandwagon of Roux Maison devotees.

We’ve had a long year of testing and re-formulating our line to make sure that we bring you the very best specialty laundry products available.   We’ve developed an enthusiastic and loyal following that constantly tells us that our products smell better, are less irritating and work better than other brands, while being more concentrated and easier to use.   We are thrilled to finally unveil the outcome of our hard work to everyone!

Please be sure to check back with us often for great tips, ideas and the latest news from Roux Maison.

Your Laundry