Support Louisiana Flood Relief with Roux Maison

Like everyone, we are sickened and saddened by the devastating flooding in south Louisiana. It is always challenging to find a way to be helpful from faraway when options are limited. While so many possessions, including clothing, will be beyond repair, we wanted to try and help in the way we know best – as a resource for fabric care and preservation. We created an easy to follow list of instructions for best case scenarios to help salvage as much clothing as possible for the hard process of cleaning up. There are a multitude of pollutants in flood water and depending how submerged and for how long, many items will be ruined beyond repair and will inevitably need to be discarded. We hope this list is helpful for those situations where possibility remains to save some clothing and bedding. We are always happy to answer questions and we also love to hear any helpful tips from you too.

Support Louisiana Flood Relief with Roux Maison

From now through September 5, 2016, 25% of all full priced sales from will be donated to Louisiana flood relief efforts with half of the collected money going to Second Harvest Food Bank and half to the Denham Springs Animal Shelter. Please use this great list as a fantastic reference if you would also like to make direct donations to any of these many vetted organizations seeking additional resources.

Save Your Washables From Flood Water

We are excited to send #loadsoflove to our friends in Louisiana and do what we can to help with the long and painful process of cleaning up from these historic floods. We so appreciate everyone help in making this happen.

We love your laundry and we love Louisiana!

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