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Sport Laundry Detergent - Ambrosia

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PopSugar Fitness: Tried and Tested: The Best Laundry Detergent For Your Fitness Gear

Roux Maison Sport Detergent removes chemical residue left by other detergents, along with bacteria, oil, dirt and grime, so that your athletic and outdoor gear stays intact, maintains elasticity and continues to perform, wick moisture and retain water proofing properties.

Perspiration, odor, body oils and bacteria become enmeshed in technical and performance fabrics and are all really difficult to remove.  As a result, many other detergents just coat the fabrics in chemicals that both inhibit their performance and moisture-wicking properties and also causing fraying.  If you've ever had a pair of yoga or running pants where the seams literally started to fall apart, you know exactly what this means! 

Perspiration salts, odor and bacteria are the inevitable byproduct of exercise and they are always challenging to remove from technical fabrics. Most detergents cannot and do not remove all of this embedded grime. Instead, they just coat fabrics with chemicals to hide the smells and dirt. This residue continues to build with each wash and breaks down the fibers of your clothes. It causes fraying and renders wicking technology ineffective, leading to a shorter lifespan for your workout clothing and lack of performance from your expensive performance fabrics. Roux Maison Sport Detergents leave no chemical residue and actually remove the residue left by other detergents. Good bye frayed seams on all of your yoga pants from your old detergent! 

  • Eliminates dirt, odor and bacteria that thrive in dirtiest and sweatiest technical and workout gear
  • Maintains elasticity of lycra, spandex, hi-tech and performance fabrics so they won't stretch or fray
  • Fabrics retain breathability; all moisture-wicking and waterproofing properties remain intact   

Lavender based blend made with 100% essential oils

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      Each one of Roux Maison’s detergents are created with a specific purpose in mind. Compare them side by side to choose the right product for you.

      Type Purpose Scent Size


      Perfect for all typical laundry needs; sheets, towels and everyday laundry turn out fresh and perfectly clean.

      Ambrosia, Sweet Tea, Fragrance-Free

      16 oz and 1 oz


      For machine or hand washing lingerie, hosiery and shapewear in all of their different specialty fabrics, both natural and synthetic. Safeguards fine and fragile washables so they retain their shape and wear as well and as long as possible. An alternative and replacement to expensive and destructive dry cleaning.

      Ambrosia, Sweet Tea, Fragrance-Free

      16 oz and 1 oz


      Eliminates dirt, odor and bacteria that thrive in technical fabrics. Maintains elasticity of lycra, spandex, and all hi-tech and performance fabrics so they won’t stretch out unnecessarily or prematurely deteriorate. Waterproofing qualities stay intact, and fabrics will continue to breathe and wick moisture as intended.

      Ambrosia, Sweet Tea, Fragrance-Free

      16 oz


      Removes bacterial and chemical grime left by sweat, salt water, chlorine and sunscreen, while maintaining elasticity, shape and color of swimwear. We always recommend hand washing swimwear.


      8 oz and 1 oz

      Stain Remover

      Created for use with all Roux Maison detergents. Removes many different common and not-so-common organic and inorganic stains. Gentle on fabrics, yet powerful on stains. Pre-treating stains will always yield the best outcomes.


      8 oz and 1 oz

      All Roux Maison detergents and Stain Remover:

      • Non-abrasive and rinses clean with no residue
      • 6X concentrated
      • 40 machine loads or 80+ hand washes per 16 ounces
      • Hypo-allergenic
      • BPA-free bottles

      None of our products contain any of these harmful chemicals found in many leading detergent brands:

      • Genetically Modified (GMO) Ingredients
      • Marine Pollutants
      • Artificial Fragrance
      • Artificial Dyes
      • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
      • Phosphates
      • Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES)
      • 1,4 Dioxane
      • Parabens
      • Optical Brighteners
      • Formaldehyde
      • Phthalates


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