Roux Maison Stain Remover is honestly the most amazing product I ever discovered!  I was turned onto it by a friend and I have never gone back to anything else.

I've never seen a stain remover quite like this and for a true city girl that can get the toughest stains out, that's saying something!

Donna M. Schultz
Midwest Director
ELLE DECOR Magazine 

I've been living in New York City for over a decade and one of the things I miss most about life on the other side of the Hudson River is doing my own laundry! I know-sounds crazy!!! But I love fresh, warm, clean laundry coming out of the dryer. Don't even get me started on how I love to fold laundry.

For the past 11 years, Mr. Lee (my local laundry/dry cleaning) has been doing a good job washing and folding (aka: doing what I passionately wish I had time and access to do). And I must say, Mr. Lee has been great about managing my expectations. Every week I drop my bundle-everything separated with notes and what to wash with what. MEANING-I always drop my own detergent because I don't trust anything that they may buy in bulk. I comb store aisles looking for the perfect everything, including my cleaning products-especially laundry detergents.

I've always been suspicious if Mr. Lee used my detergent specifications...But all that changed when I delivered to him my precious bed linens- with bottles of ROUX MAISON.

Just when I thought I was going to have to accept that my night creams, deep hair conditioners, and my addiction to cuticle oil just before I turn the lights out was spelling the ruin of my fine bed linens, Mr. Lee informed me that I was going to be really happy because ROUX MAISON reinvented all of my comfy sheets. Mr. Lee wasn't the only one who was shocked. They not only looked white as if they were new, they smelled amazing and I slept better because they were even softer than they were after 10 years- just when you thought linens couldn't get softer after that long without falling apart.

The next morning I was back dropping off the rest of my bed linens. Mr. Lee for once was not surprised to see me with all of my instructions...he totally got it this time! Tip - to keep fine bed linens "fine"...keep a set on the bed, set in the closet and a set in the laundry bag. Always own three sets and lots of bottles of Roux Maison.

Karen Elizabeth Marx
Executive Director, Home Furnishings
New York, NY

Roux Maison turns a chore into a meditation. When doing the laundry is an elegant celebration of simplicity, safety, and delight--life is good!

Alice Randall, Nashville, TN

Many, many thanks for the wonderful bottle of Roux Maison. I suffer with varicose veins and have been wearing $30 per pair compression hose for years. I put them on before I get out of bed in the morning and wear them 'til bedtime. Your detergent has done an outstanding job of keeping these important hose in excellent condition, retaining their elasticity while making them 'flower fresh' with each washing. I am thrilled with the results, such an improvement over any other detergent, and I have tried many.

Rita Blumenthal, Monroe, LA

I use Roux Maison Essential Sweet Tea Detergent on all my linens. Not only does it keep them white and in good condition, but it also makes them smell beautiful!  

Stacy Head, New Orleans, LA

We used Roux Maison Sport Detergent in Sweet Tea on my kids' football and soccer uniforms. The clothes smelled great and the RM Sport Detergent did an awesome job cleaning the stains off the uniforms.

Scott Wessel, Des Plaines, IL

I have four boys, ages 2-15 and Roux Maison laundry detergents leave all of their clothes smelling clean and fresh! And, it is environmentally-friendly and gentle on their skin as well. These are all great products and I would recommend them to all the moms I know!

Kathy Shearer, Dallas, TX

As I learn more about the toxicity of many of the products on the market today, I sincerely appreciate Roux Maison's dedication to the creation of healthy and natural alternatives. I feel safe using their detergents and have been very impressed with their cleaning ability!

Kristen Kaminsky, Nashville, TN

I feel foolish for lugging home all of those giant jugs of chemical-laden detergent for my family all these years. Roux Maison is a lifesaver and it smells divine! We don't have to put up with bland, heavy, artificial detergent any more. Vous êtes merveilleux Roux Maison!!

Elise Frohsin, Birmingham, AL

I used Roux Maison Essential Fragrance-Free Detergent on a load of clothes with a couple of stained items I forgot to pre-treat. Everything came out clean with no trace of the stains. Also, my pastel bath towels that were dingy from use are much cleaner. I am very happy with Roux Maison products.

Ruthie Mullins, Monroe, LA

Like most college-aged guys, laundry isn't exactly one of my favorite tasks. It is not uncommon for me to go three weeks without doing laundry. My huge loads of laundry necessitate that I use a potent detergent. With mass produced detergents like Tide and Downy, I found myself having to prewash or even rewash clothes. Much to my chagrin, I was forced to divide up my loads and scrub the stains prior to running the wash. Roux Maison has enabled me to resort back to my old laundry habits, yet my clothes are cleaner than ever before. While Roux Maison is probably not good for improving my laundry skills, it is great for college students who don't want to devote a lot of time to doing laundry, but like having exceptionally clean clothes.

Arnie Silverberg, Jacksonville, FL

I was at a party last week and a friend of mine spilled some red wine on her white shirt. Another friend said, "Wait, I have a sample of Roux Maison Stain Remover in my purse" and she sprayed it on the shirt. The stain literally disappeared before our eyes. I am definitely going to stick some of that in my bag!

Dallas Wilt, Nashville, TN

As the mother of two very active young boys, I tend to do my share of laundry: sports clothes, school uniforms, underwear, swimsuits, favorite pj's, Halloween costumes and even a teddy bear on occasion! I was thrilled to find Roux Maison, a novel new new laundry detergent that actually cleans their dirty clothes without the need for harmful toxins. One of my sweet boys has some special sensitivities and prefers his clothes "super soft." Roux Maison detergent leaves his clothes feeling soft to the touch, cool and comfortable on his skin, and smelling delightful. The lavender-based scent, Ambrosia, is a family favorite. Thank you Roux Maison for making my laundry room a healthy and happy place in our home!

Sarah Reisner, Nashville, TN

I've used Roux Maison Essential Sweet Tea Detergent both in my washing machine and in my sink for hand washables. A little definitely goes a long way! I don't like a lot of perfume in my detergent, so I love the bright citrus fragrance. My clothes smell fresh and clean. It's great!

Kate McKee, Nashville, TN

Roux Maison is an amazing product! It removes heavy makeup from my white cotton robes and blouses. No bleach required! Plus, it's environmentally friendly.

Carolyn Killen, Nashville, TN

Roux Maison really does make me love my laundry - not only the idea of being chemical-free, but also the wonderful scent emanating from my washing machine when using the Roux Maison Essential Ambrosia Detergent. My clothes love Roux Maison and so do I!

Betsy Hammond, Nashville, TN

No more stress over spilled red wine. I keep a small bottle of Roux Maison Stain Remover in my purse. A few drops and the stain is gone!

Rose Johnson, Nashville, TN

My daughter was having severe allergic reactions to the harsh chemicals in a national brand laundry detergent. As a result, I started researching options that were hypoallergenic. I tried several different all-natural detergents, but my laundry was still dirty or spotted. With Roux Maison, my laundry is cleaner than ever and my daughter's skin is no longer irritated.

Mechel Frost, Nashville, TN

Dear Roux Maison, I can't thank you enough for your wonderful Sweet Tea Laundry Detergent. I have to admit I wondered how such a small amount of detergent could actually clean a whole load of clothes, but I am convinced. My clothes emerge from the washing machine very clean with a lovely light fragrance. Thanks!

Julia Cashion, Nashville, TN
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