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Purchasing questions - where/how:

What products does Roux Maison make?

Please refer to the Products page on our website for updates as well as complete and current product listings.

How can I check the status of my online order?
Please login to your account to check your order status.
Where is the confirmation email for my online order?
You should receive it once your order has been confirmed, processed and shipped. Please email us if you do not receive it within 2 full business days of placing your order.
How much does it cost to ship my order?
We provide flat rate shipping so you always know the cost before you place your order. On orders up to $99.99, shipping costs $13.49.  On orders with totals over $100, shipping is free. Please sign up to receive our e-mails so you will be the first to know when we are offering any special promotions or discounts.
Can I change my shipping address?
No. Once your order is placed, we immediately submit it to our warehouse for packing and shipping and we are unable to make any changes to your order. Please carefully check all information prior to submitting it.
How do I request a refund for my online order?
Please contact customer service ( immediately upon receipt of any damaged items and submit a photo of the damage within 24 hours of receipt. We will rectify any errors on our behalf. Otherwise, we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges at this time.
How do I cancel my online order?
Unfortunately, once your order is placed, we are unable to cancel it. Please review your order carefully prior to submission.
Can I change the shipment method for my online order?
No. Once your order is placed, it is immediately submitted to our warehouse for packing and shipping and we are no longer able to make changes to it in our system.
Does Roux Maison ship outside of the U.S.?
Not yet. Currently, we only ship to the 48 contiguous states However, please keep checking back with us for updates.
Does Roux Maison charge sales tax?
Currently, Roux Maison only charges sales tax on sales within the state of Tennessee.
Can I use multiple coupons on my purchase?
Any coupons used cannot be combined with any other offer, including our free shipping option.
How can I contact customer service?
Email or call 888–331-9274 for any customer service related questions. All products ship from Roux Maison, 305 Williams Ave, Madison, TN 37115.
How can I unsubscribe from Roux Maison's mailing list?
You may follow the link to unsubscribe at the bottom of our emails. We will certainly miss you and hope you will return and check back frequently for specials and exciting new products.
Ingredient questions:
Does Roux Maison contain optical brighteners?
No. Optical brighteners are sometimes called brightening agents, fluorescent bleaches, and/or optical whiteners. They are chemicals that help fabrics appear whiter and brighter by coating them with a residue that makes your clothing feel stiff unless fluffed in the dryer. Optical brighteners can cause rashes and other skin irritation and also contain chemicals that are toxic to fish, animals, and plant life. They are not easily bio-degradable and they pollute waste water. Laundry washed with products containing optical brighteners is not in fact any cleaner or whiter than that washed with products that do not contain optical brighteners.
Why is the scent so much stronger in mainstream laundry detergents?
Often, mainstream laundry detergents contain significant amounts of artificial fragrances that are highly durable and preserved throughout the entirety of the washing process, thus leaving clean laundry smelling like the product in the bottle. The chemicals in the fragrances maintain their aroma by leaving a coating of them on your laundry. During the course of the washing cycle, surfactants (please see the question regarding surfactants below) in detergents essentially wash away and remove grime and oil from laundry. As such, they will also wash away essential oils contained in the detergent. Even when a combination of essential oils and artificial fragrances are used in a detergent, the clean laundry will still smell like the artificial fragrance, which does not wash out of the laundry during the washing cycle. Roux Maison exclusively uses natural essential oils as the sole source for our fragrances. We never want to add unnecessary chemicals to our products that could leave residue on our laundry, our skin or our homes. When you wash with Roux Maison detergents, all of your laundry will come out smelling fresh and clean - which does not have a smell!
Are Roux Maison fragrances natural or synthetic?
All of our fragrances exclusively consist of pure and natural therapeutic grade essential oils. We do not use any artificial or synthetic fragrances in our products. Artificial fragrances coat your clothing, and therefore your skin, with chemicals.
Why does Roux Maison add any fragrances to its products if they just wash away?
We believe in the tremendous therapeutic power of aromatherapy. Beautiful and natural aromas enhance all aspects of our daily lives. Our custom-blended and proprietary natural essential oil scents are just another way to make our necessary tasks and our homes more pleasant. Please refer to our Products page to read more about our custom blended scents.
Do your products ever expire?
Because Roux Maison uses natural and naturally-derived ingredients and avoids artificial additives and preservatives, our laundry products will typically have approximately an 18 month shelf life from your date of purchase. Many mainstream products contain artificial additives and preservatives that extend their shelf lives indefinitely. We recommend that you use our products immediately upon purchase.
Does Roux Maison make dye or fragrance free products?
None of our products contain any artificial dyes or colorants. Please refer to the Fragrance-Free tab under the Custom Scent section of our website for the current listing of all Fragrance-Free products that we offer. We welcome your feedback if you would like to see other Roux Maison products without fragrance in the future. Please regularly check ourProduct page to find all of the latest additions to the Roux Maison family.
What preservatives does Roux Maison use?
None. Roux Maison does not use preservatives in our products.
Do Roux Maison laundry detergents leave behind any residual chemicals on my clothes?
No! Roux Maison laundry detergents leave your laundry fresh and clean without abrasive chemicals, irritants and allergens that we all want to avoid whenever possible. Please continue reading the questions below for more information regarding all of the chemicals that we avoid at Roux Maison.
What is a "surfactant"?
Surfactants are cleaning agents. They attach to the dirt and the grime and also attract water when you wash your laundry. Surfactants and the attached soil are then rinsed away as water drains from your machine and leaves your laundry fresh and clean.
Does Roux Maison contain parabens?
No. Parabens are chemical preservatives that have numerous potential harmful effects on our bodies and the environment. Because we absorb toxins readily through our largest organ - our skin - we always make every effort to be sure that our products are free of harmful substances and are as pure and safe as possible.
Does Roux Maison contain phthalates?
No. Phthalates are also called "plasticizers" and are found in many personal care products and packaging on the market today. They have been found to have numerous adverse and significant side effects, such as disruption of the endocrine system, links to liver cancer, and disruption of fetal development, especially to unborn baby boys.
Does Roux Maison contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)?
No. Both SLS and SLES are foaming agents found in many surfactants. Our surfactants do not contain either product. Both SLS and SLES have been shown to cause irritation in people with chronic skin hypersensitivity.
Do Roux Maison products contain chlorine bleach?
No they do not. We believe that chlorine bleach is harmful to your clothing as well as the environment.
Does Roux Maison contain triclosan?
No. Triclosan is an antibacterial chemical found in many liquid soaps, detergents, hand sanitizers, dishwashing liquids, shaving gels, and even some clothing. Recent scientific studies raise concerns that triclosan may interfere with our endocrine systems and that it may help create drug-resistant bacteria.
Does Roux Maison contain cocamide DEA?
No. Cocamide DEA is used as a foaming agent in many bath products and as an emulsifier in cosmetics. It is an allergen that has been shown to cause contact dermatitis, especially in people who are prone to skin allergies.
Does Roux Maison contain phosphates?
No. Phosphates in detergents act as water softeners. Run off from these products is extremely harmful to waterways and can fertilize aquatic plants, speeding up the natural aging process of bodies of water. Plants grow quickly and then die faster than they can be decomposed, causing a build-up in lakes and bays.
Does Roux Maison contain gluten?
No. When used in detergents, gluten can cause a rash associated with sensitivity to gluten. We always make every effort to avoid ingredients in our products that have such known and potentially adverse side effects. We do extensive research to find effective and safe alternatives.
Do Roux Maison products contain casein?
No. Casein is a protein found in milk. A relatively large portion of the population has a casein allergy and will experience adverse reactions to products, either edible or technical, containing it. Edible casein has also been negatively associated with autism. It has been suggested that casein in not fully broken down in people with autism, having a morphine/opiate effect on the body.
Does Roux Maison contain ammonia?
No. Ammonia is a highly corrosive chemical that is not only bad for your clothing, but bad for you. If you have ever smelled straight ammonia, you are familiar with the immediate and acute reactions it can cause. Over time, exposure to low levels of ammonia can cause chronic eye, nose and throat irritation and/or bronchitis from lung irritation, accompanied by resulting coughing and shortness of breath.
Do Roux Maison products contain soy?
Do Roux Maison products contain coconut?
Does Roux Maison contain ethylene glycol butyl ether or EGBE?
No. EGBE is most widely used as a solvent and some have been associated with negative reproductive issues and birth defects in animal tests. If not used properly, they can cause eye, respiratory, and skin irritation. In less significant cases, they have also been known to cause headaches.
Do Roux Maison products contain Nonyl Phenoxy Ethoxylate (NPE)?
No. Roux Maison products do not contain NPE. NPE is a synthetic (petroleum-derived) nonionic surfactant (cleaning agent) that is used in cleaning products such as liquid laundry detergents and hard surface spray and dilutable cleaners. NPE can mimic the hormone estrogen. Exposure to NPE has resulted in hermaphroditic fish presenting both male and female sexual organs in certain laboratory studies. There is also some experimental evidence indicating that NPE reduces sperm counts in rats.
Are Roux Maison products vegan?
Yes. Roux Maison products are completely vegan.
Do Roux Maison products contain Genetically Modified (GMO) Ingredients?
No. Roux Maison products do not contain Genetically Modified (GMO) Ingredients.
Do Roux Maison products contain any animal by-products?
No. Roux Maison products contain no animal parts or derivatives and are completely vegan.
Do Roux Maison laundry detergents contain any anti-allergen additives that would neutralize protein allergens from dust mite droppings or those from cats and dogs?
We do not contain these additives. The ingredients in our detergents effectively dissolve the bonds and wash away such protein allergens and leave your laundry free of dust mite droppings.
Will Roux Maison detergents leave an oily build-up or make fabrics water-repellent?
No. We use natural and/or naturally derived surfactants that bind to the oil and dirt on your laundry, washing it away completely. None of our detergents leave behind chemical residue that can build-up on your clothes or make them water-repellant. However, our Sport Detergent will not remove the water-repellent qualities of outerwear or athletic apparel. We use pure ingredients in our products that will take away all of the dirt and leave behind nothing in its place.
Does Roux Maison use third party testing to verify its claims?
Since we are such a new company, we do not currently use any third party testing due to its significant expense. However, we have designed our products to comply with the requirements and standards of the major providers of third party certification for our category of products. We are confident that once we are in a position to obtain third party testing and verification from the leading organizations that provide it, we will easily receive all certifications that we seek.
Green - health/environment questions:
Is your laundry detergent bottle recyclable?
Absolutely! Our bottles are all labeled with the recycling symbol and we strongly encourage everyone to recycle. Because our detergents are so highly concentrated, we use substantially less packaging materials than most other brands. We are always looking for better ways to make our products and smarter ways to package them. We welcome your comments and suggestions (Submit your questions).
What chemicals are in your detergents compared to other major brands?
We are not aware of any major label detergents that have the level of simplicity of naturally-based ingredients as Roux Maison. All of our products are intentionally designed to be exceptionally effective without compromising your health or any environmental benefits. We list our ingredients as well as a comprehensive list of our attributes and chemicals we always avoid on our labels (See detergent label) because we think you should know what you bring into your home and into contact with your skin and family.
How do Roux Maison products protect my clothes?
We all make significant investments in our favorite items of clothing and household linens that eventually become dingy, worn and threadbare from repeated wear and washings, even though we think we are providing the best care possible. Dirt and grime create abrasion on fibers, especially during the washing process. Other mainstream laundry detergents often contain multiple artificial ingredients that may leave a coating of chemicals on the fibers of your laundry every time you wash with them. These chemicals also shorten the life span of your garments by literally eating up their threads and fibers. Roux Maison products offer alternatives that will both protect our garments and household linens, and conserve them to the greatest extent possible. All Roux Maison products are eco-friendly and do not deposit chemical residues that could erode the fabrics and the threads on your laundry or do environmental harm. Roux Maison laundry products gently yet thoroughly clean your clothes so that repeated wearing and washing will not further diminish or degrade the integrity of the fibers of your laundry or their potential maximum lifespan beyond otherwise usual wear. We make every effort to ensure that your favorite clothing and linens can become your future heirlooms, while also minimizing the number of chemicals touching your body and your home.
Are Roux Maison products non-toxic?
In order to classify products as non-toxic per current governmental regulations, they must be tested on animals. Since Roux Maison never performs animal testing, we cannot state that our products are non-toxic according to current governmental regulations. However, toxic substances are those that are harmful or detrimental to human health. At high enough levels, almost anything could fall under this classification and be considered toxic. Therefore, the question becomes one of quantity. When it takes a very small amount of a substance to harm you, it is highly toxic. The ingredients in our products would not be considered harmful at low levels or at high ones either. In addition, we perform our in-house testing on 100% concentrated surfactants (please refer to question regarding surfactants for more information) and the final products we sell are at significantly diluted levels compared to those we test. Our ingredients and final products will not leave residue or build-up on you or the garments they touch, do not contain probable carcinogens or neurotoxins, and are all bio-degradable. We use the most natural and naturally-derived ingredients available to expose you to the least harmful ingredients that we can and avoid toxicity.
What does it mean when a product is labeled "green"?
Currently, the federal government advises that "green" products are those with "a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products that serve the same purpose." Because the term "green" is not strictly regulated, many products claiming to be green are not in fact any safer for humans and/or the environment than their conventional counterparts. So, the responsibility falls to the consumer to evaluate and understand the difference between what companies represent their products to be and what they actually are. At Roux Maison, we give you the information you need to make informed decisions.
Is Roux Maison environmentally friendly/green?
Absolutely! We do not believe in "green washing." Our products are all designed to meet and exceed current governmental regulations controlling environmental responsibility. We have developed our formulas using the fewest and most naturally-derived ingredients available, and we are certain that you will be as impressed with our results as we are. On our product packaging (See detergent label), we make a point to clearly list both our attributes as well as the toxins, allergens, irritants, artificial preservatives and additives that are commonly found in other mainstream laundry products and that we make sure to avoid in all of ours. We make our products as healthy for you and the environment as possible, while still upholding the exacting performance standards we demand. We are always researching and looking for new methods and natural ingredients so that we can continue to improve our existing products, as well as develop new ones. Please check our website frequently to look for new products (Product page) as we develop them.
How are Roux Maison products environmentally preferable or better than the other "green" laundry detergents on the market?
Roux Maison detergents are incredibly effective, yet amazingly gentle on the fibers of everything you wash. Our laundry products are bio-degradable and made of naturally derived ingredients without the inclusion of harsh chemicals that are commonly found in other mainstream laundry and cleaning products. In addition, our detergents are extremely highly concentrated so that we are wasting less water, considerably less packaging materials, as well as fewer fossil fuels when making and moving Roux Maison products. Our laundry products are every bit as effective at cleaning your clothes as major label products, but they also safeguard the fibers of everything you wash and help preserve the investments you make in your clothes, bedding and linens so they will all last longer and wear better. Our products are highly effective, yet amazingly mild on clothing and skin. We have achieved the perfect balance between function and environmental responsibility, with our ultimate goal being the conservation of all of the fabrics you wash at home, whatever they may be.
Are Roux Maison detergents sustainable?
Yes. We make every effort to make the smartest decisions that we can in every step of our design process from our ingredients to our packaging so that we can make the smallest impact on our environment and the finite resources available, yet still achieve the greatest results from our products. Roux Maison makes amazing products for your lifestyle and all of your laundering needs, while eliminating harmful chemicals and as much excess packaging, ingredients and waste as possible. We believe in conserving and caring for what we have today to create tomorrow's heirlooms. We know that we can make everything in our lives a little less disposable by taking greater care in how we treat what we already have, thereby reducing waste and consumption.
How are children affected by conventional cleaning chemicals?
Children and their developing bodies are more vulnerable to toxic chemicals than adults for several reasons: They take more frequent and deeper breaths than adults and they have increased physical contact with their environment because they are more likely to sit on floors, put their hands in their mouths, and rest their heads on surfaces. The connection between chemical exposure and multiple health issues such as learning disabilities, neurological problems and cancer is the subject of much research.
Are Roux Maison products safe to use around children?
Absolutely. We have made it our ultimate priority to create products that are healthy for all members of your family, as well as the environment.
Are Roux Maison products tested on animals?
Never. Roux Maison has never and will never conduct animal testing.
Are Roux Maison products safe to use around pets?
Yes. At Roux Maison, our pets are essential members of our families, and we know you feel the same way. We have certainly used all of our products around our own pets and have not observed any allergies or skin reactions from any of them. We make every effort to ensure that our products are equally safe for everyone in your home!
Are Roux Maison products safe for people with allergies?
Yes. We have tested our products on people who have severe allergies and skin irritation and they did not experience any adverse effects from using our products. However, we always suggest that you test our products for yourself to make sure they are not problematic for your particular allergies or condition. Since our products do not contain the allergens and irritants that are commonly found in other conventional laundry products, they should not cause reactions. Please do be aware that even though we do not use any synthetic fragrances, which are known irritants and allergens, we do use natural essential oils, which may cause allergies to a very small percentage of the population. (Please also refer to the "Why is the scent so much stronger in mainstream laundry detergents" question above). Individuals with allergies to scented formulas will appreciate our Fragrance-Free detergents and stain remover.
Are Roux Maison products safe for people with asthma?
The asthma sufferers who have tested our products have not had any adverse reactions. We do not contain the chemicals and allergens commonly found in other products that often cause problems for people with asthma and other medical conditions and sensitivities. Once again, we always recommend that you test our products yourself to make sure that they are in no way incompatible with your particular medical issues. When in doubt, always consult your personal physician.
Are Roux Maison products hypo-allergenic?
Yes! Roux Maison products have been tested with the most sensitive skin patients and showed no ill effects.
Washing questions:

Can I use Roux Maison HE-compatible laundry detergents in my standard washer?
Yes you can. Our products are specifically formulated to yield excellent results in both standard and HE washing machines. Please follow the instructions on each of your Roux Maison products for correct dosage instructions. Our detergents are super-concentrated so you only need a small amount for any kind of washing machine and you will still get the same amazing results!
Can I use Roux Maison detergents in a High Efficiency Washer?
Absolutely. All of our detergents contain the HE logo on their packaging letting you know they are specifically formulated to work in HE machines. Please follow the instructions on each of your Roux Maison products for correct dosage instructions. Our detergents are super-concentrated so you only need a small amount for any kind of washing machine and you will still get the same amazing results!
What does HE mean?
HE stands for "High Efficiency" washing machines that are better for the environment because they use less water than standard machines.
Should my bottle of Roux Maison be full to the top?
No. All of our bottles are filled strictly according to the standardized volume measures stated on each product label. Since liquids may expand and contract in different temperatures, it is never advisable to fill bottles all the way to the top. We always use packaging that is large enough to leave room for expansion once filled.
How much detergent should I use per load?
We worked hard to concentrate our detergents as much as possible, while still making sure that every load yields the same excellent results. We recommend .4 ounce of detergent per load of laundry, regardless of whether you have a standard or an HE washing machine. Always read the washing and dosage instructions on each of your Roux Maison products, as well as those on the particular garments you are washing. Our labels clearly indicate the appropriate quantity of product to use per load. Do not be alarmed by how little detergent successfully washes a full load of laundry and gets it as clean as possible.
How is it that such a little bit of Roux Maison laundry detergent works?
Roux Maison laundry detergents are highly concentrated...a little goes a long way! In our efforts to minimize waste in our products and packaging, we eliminated everything unnecessary from our detergents and reduced our formulas as much as feasible, while still ensuring maximum results. To do this, we chose surfactants (please refer to "What is a surfactant?" question) that are incredibly concentrated so they have the same cleaning strength as larger volume surfactants, but with far less product. Our surfactants do not require a high volume of water to emulsify during the cleaning process. Therefore, our detergents can be introduced to the washing cycle in more concentrated forms and with less water necessary, yet still achieve superior cleaning results without leaving any residue.
Does water temperature affect sudsing of Roux Maison products? Do higher temps lead to more suds?
All Roux Maison detergents are specifically formulated to have a wide range of optimal performance and are excellent for use at any temperature, in either standard or HE machines. You should never experience adverse machine effects with Roux Maison products regardless of the washing temperature or type of washing machine you use, especially when you follow both the washing instructions on the label of your Roux Maison detergent as well as the specific laundering instructions on each of your garments. All Roux Maison detergents contain the HE logo and will not make too many suds for either HE or standard washing machines regardless of the water temperature.
Can I wash my clothes in cold?
All Roux Maison detergents are excellent for use at any temperature. Please refer to the specific washing instructions on each of your garments in order to make sure you are getting the optimal performance from our detergents and the entire family of Roux Maison laundry products.
Are Roux Maison products gentle enough to use on silk?
At Roux Maison, we always test every product we make in our own homes and on our own clothes to make sure we consistently deliver the outstanding results we want and you expect. We have certainly tested our Delicate Detergent (click here to go to Delicate Detergent) on our own silk garments with great results - we have not lost a single thing yet! As always, we recommend that you use your best judgment on an item by item basis and consult the instructions on each garment you consider laundering at home. We have had exceptional outcomes using our Delicate Detergent on the gentle or hand wash cycle of our own washing machines as well as by hand washing these garments and then either laying each item flat or hanging it to dry.
What if I have hard or soft water?
Roux Maison products are formulated to work in either hard or soft water. Hard water often leaves markings and a film on laundry by interfering with the efficacy of detergents. If you feel it necessary because of excessively hard water in your area, you may add an extra capful of detergent to your wash. As an alternative, you may also try adding about a teaspoon of table salt to your Roux Maison Detergent and mixing them together. The salt can help soften the water and also make your laundry, especially the colored items, brighter. Another option is to soak your laundry in a mixture of one gallon of water to one cup of white vinegar. To avoid this issue prospectively, you can try using a water conditioning product with your Roux Maison Detergent, or add a cup of borax, which will soften the water and help freshen your laundry. Please be aware that hard water has been known to leave insoluble materials on your laundry, even after washing and rinsing. This is less likely to occur when using liquid detergents, such as Roux Maison, than with powdered ones.
How can I assure the best cleaning results and performance for my laundry?
Always follow the instructions on each of your Roux Maison products, as well as those on all of your garments, for best results. Be sure to separate whites, brights and darks, as well as delicates, athletic wear, and other specific fabrics and items before washing. Please try the entire family of Roux Maison detergents and check back frequently for new products (click here for product page). Use the appropriate Roux Maison specialty detergent for all of your particular items for best results, as well as for the maximum longevity and conservation of each of your garments. You may also refer to our Cleaning Tips for additional information.
Do Roux Maison products remove fire retardant properties of clothing?
No they do not. We always recommend that you follow the cleaning instructions on the labels of each of your items to achieve optimal results. Roux Maison detergents do not contain ingredients that would degrade any fire retardant properties of your garments. However, the manufacturing process of your clothes and linens usually determines their durability during laundering and the longevity of their fire retardant properties. Please directly contact the manufacturers of any items you own that may be of concern to you.
What stains are Roux Maison products effective at cleaning?
Roux Maison detergents and Stain Remover are particularly effective on organic stains such as coffee, tea, grass, vomit, wine, food, blood, perspiration and many other organic, as well as some non-organic, stains. Please see our Stain Removal Guide and Cleaning Tips for more information and assistance.
How many times can I use Roux Maison products on my garments if the stains still remain?
Please refer to our Stain Removal Guide and our Cleaning Tips before you begin treating any stains to make sure that you are treating them in the most productive manner possible. Always remember to consult the specific washing instructions on each of your garments as well. If stains are not gone with the first use of Roux Maison Stain Remover and the appropriate Roux Maison Detergent, then please make sure that a second attempt includes at least 15-20 minutes of leaving Stain Remover on the affected area prior to washing. Do not dry garments until stains are removed as heat sets stains.
Can I use Roux Maison products along with other laundry products made by other companies?
We recommend using the entire family of Roux Maison products to achieve best results, as well as to conserve your garments, while safeguarding yourself and the environment by minimizing exposure to unnecessary and abrasive chemicals. Please check our website and our Products page often to be the first to learn about all of our exciting new products as soon as they are introduced.
Can Roux Maison Stain Remover be used on rugs or upholstery?
Yes. Roux Maison Stain Remover is gentle, safe and effective in most household fabric cleaning situations. However, we always suggest that you first consult any available cleaning instructions from the manufacturers. If you feel confident proceeding, begin by treating a small and less exposed area to make sure you do not have any problems or adverse results. Please refer to our Cleaning Tips section for specific instructions.