Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is one of our favorites here at Roux Maison. How we can make a difference in taking care of our planet is at the forefront for many. Earth Day gives us the perfect opportunity to let you know how we are doing our part to make it easier for you to do yours too. Change happens slowly and incrementally, and small adjustments in the way we live can make a big difference. We started this company so you would have at least one clear choice to make each day. We all want to provide the best and healthiest products for our families, and that is what we set out to create with Roux Maison.

Modifying our habits and purchasing decisions does not have to mean making sacrifices. Roux Maison is proof of that!  We’ve developed an elegant line of fine, vegan laundry products that are safe for you, your family, and our planet. We eliminated unnecessary chemicals that are toxic and harmful to you as well as the environment. We created detergents safe for your delicates so you can avoid dry cleaners and the resulting chemicals. As an added bonus, we save you time and money on trips to the cleaners! We reduced our carbon footprint by using less water in our 6x concentrated detergents and less packaging in our bottles. By simply using our full-sized 16-ounce bottles, you can make a small change every day that will add up to a big one over time! What tips do you have to make a difference on Earth Day?

Roux Maison conserves the items you love so they will be around for many more Earth Days to come. We worked hard to make the highest quality and safest products that we could, because every day is Earth Day at Roux Maison!

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