Why Roux Maison Makes Different Formulas Of Laundry Detergent

Roux Maison currently manufactures four types of laundry detergent: Essential, SportDelicate and Swimwear. All of our formulas are designed to be gentle and ensure fabric preservation and longevity. However, different fabrics require different care to maintain their optimal cleanliness and condition. We want to thoroughly clean everything in the most gentle manner possible. To that end, none of our detergents leave behind any chemical residue and they all effectively remove residue left from other detergents. This alone is a huge help in extending the life of your fabrics and garments. However, we believe that in order to maintain all of your garments in their optimal condition, you need to treat each one with the most appropriate product for its fabric content as well as the stains most common to these fabrics. So, we make fabric-specific detergents that are each separate and distinct formulas that are geared to these different fabrics, their composition and durability, as well as the common conditions they each encounter. For example, the product you would want to use to clean athletic clothing effectively would probably be far too harsh on a silk blouse even though it would be perfect for your workout gear and not too harsh on it.

So, we set out to make the ideal detergents for what we think are the primary sets of clothing and fabrics we all have in our homes. Our Delicate Detergent is specifically formulated for fragile fibers and garments; silk, linen, delicate synthetic fabrics, hosiery, shapewear, any antique linens or garments. It targets body oils, perspiration salts and stains most common to these types of fabrics and garments. Our goal is to thoroughly clean without damaging or shortening the lifespan of these fabrics. We strike a perfect balance in removing these odors and stains without damaging the fabric. In addition, Roux Maison Delicate Detergent is an ideal replacement for dry cleaning and can save you a great deal of money as well as the wear and tear from dry cleaning. Please check out the cleaning tips section of our website for great care suggestions for all of your various garments and fabrics.

Our Essential Detergent is our all-purpose formula for your sheets, towels, t-shirts and daily laundry needs. These fabrics are more dense than delicate garments and require more agitation to get into their fibers and get completely clean. So, even though this formula is gentle on these specific fabrics, it can be too harsh for certain lingerie and other delicate items.

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