All Natural Laundry Detergent for a Healthier You and the Environment

Who knew that the laundry detergent you use can make your home a healthier place?  We did!

Harsh chemicals found in conventional laundry products and dry cleaning solvents are bad for the environment and they are bad for your clothes.  Embedded in the fibers, these harsh, abrasive and often toxic chemicals remain as residue on your clothes, towels and sheets.  When you do not use a natural laundry detergent like Roux Maison, you are surrounded by these chemicals – when you get dressed…when you dry off after a shower….when you sleep…you name it!  Long term use can harm both your health and the environment every time you wash your clothes.

Furthermore, these chemicals also shorten the longevity of your fabrics. They weaken fibers and accelerate the speed at which they would naturally degrade and deteriorate. As a result, everything you wash doesn’t last as long as it should. At the same time, you and your environment are exposed to toxins, allergens, irritants, and carcinogens.

We all care about using products that will improve our health and welfare and have a positive impact on the environment. Some changes are easier than others and that’s why we make the best natural laundry detergents.

We want your clothes to look great after every washing. We want to save you money on needless dry cleaning. But we also want to make sure that our natural laundry detergents do not harm the environment and keep your home and family safe.

Roux Maison makes the best natural laundry products we can so you have peace of mind about all these things.

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