What’s the Big Stink About Essential Oils?

We are all increasingly conscious of what we bring into our homes and bodies, especially in terms of chemicals. This awareness contributes to the recent popularization of essential oils. You may know that essential oils have some sort of aromatherapy benefits, but unless you’re a massage therapist or you sell essential oils, you probably don’t know what they do or why they’re so popular. It’s okay to be skeptical. “Essential Oils” sort of sound like they would go hand-in-hand with Flower Children and growing Victory gardens. But don’t worry; essential oils aren’t as New Age as they might sound. In fact, they’ve been used for home remedies for hundreds of years.

So what’s the big deal?

The big deal about essential oils isn’t so much what they can do, but what they can replace. Open up any given cabinet in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, and you’re probably face-to-face with five or six childproof bottles of medicine or cleaner. If you don’t want your children ingesting those toxins, why would you spray them all over your home or wash your clothes in them?

Essential oils can be used as natural substitutes for some over-the-counter medicines, household cleaners, dietary supplements and many other everyday items. At Roux Maison, we use them as substitutes for the chemicals that most other laundry companies use to create fragrances. Our essential oils are NOT fragrance oils, though. Fragrance oils do not contain the benefits of essential oils and they are typically not at all pure like true essential oils. Roux Maison uses only 100% pure essential oils, maintaining our promise that our laundry detergents are natural.

Our essential oil-infused detergents come in two delightful scents: Ambrosia and Sweet Tea. Both of these fragrances are light and clean, never overwhelming. The concentration of the oils and the detergents may be potent in the bottle, but they won’t leave your clothes smelling like anything other than fresh, clean laundry.


Roux Maison’s popular Ambrosia scent is made with a blend of essential oils, including lavender. This light and refreshing scent will provide a delicate fragrance without harming your clothes with chemicals and perfumes. Lavender essential oils have many benefits that will turn laundry from a chore to a mental vacation. Shown to relieve anxiety and emotional stress, lavender essential oils transform our laundry detergents into laundry aromatherapy. Available in Essential, Delicate and Sport detergents, our Ambrosia fragrance will leave your clothes smelling fresh and you feeling relaxed.

Sweet Tea

Nothing defines a summer afternoon quite like sweet tea. Reminiscent of relaxation and sweet sunshine, just the thought of a glass of ice-cold sweet tea can put anyone in a good mood. Infused with 100% pure essential oils, Roux Maison’s line of Sweet Tea scented laundry accessories leaves your clothes and linens with a fresh, summery citrus fragrance. Citrus essential oils have been shown to energize the mind and relax the body, so take a trip to the South with our full line of Sweet Tea products. These all-natural essential oils will turn doing laundry from a chore into a calming southern escape.

Whether you buy into the benefits of essential oils or not, you can’t argue with their delightful aromas. We believe that you deserve the most luxurious, natural laundry detergent. Essential oils help us provide wonderful smelling detergent without the harmful effects of synthetic perfumes.

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