What’s The Deal With Fragrance In Laundry Products And Why Should You Care?

Why are these smells so strong and why do they seemingly last forever even when they say on their labels that they are natural? Flowers and fruit can’t smell great indefinitely and they certainly aren’t nearly so potent. Some of these smells are so familiar they are ingrained into our brains like memories. Here’s what you need to know.

Quite often, mainstream laundry detergents contain significant amounts of artificial fragrances that are highly durable and preserved throughout the entirety of the washing process. The end result is that clean laundry smells just like the product inside the bottle, and then that smell remains on your clothes for what seems like forever. These familiar fragrances are chemically based and that is how they maintain their consistent aroma by leaving a coating of their cocktail of chemicals on your laundry, which is then on your skin. It doesn’t sound so great now, does it.


When these other companies list “fragrance” as one of their ingredients, this means it could be any combination of around 3000 different chemical ingredients. Many of these secret chemical ingredients are proprietary, so we can’t even find out what they are. Others are linked to endocrine disruption and allergies. A 2010 EWG study found that on average, products listing “fragrance” as an ingredient included 14 secret chemical ingredients that were not listed on the labels. The secret chemicals identified in that study included diethyl phthalate, a notorious endocrine disruptor, as well as 24 different sensitizing chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. Awful! The same ingredients are often used to create fragrances in other cleaning and consumer products also.


Even when a combination of essential oils and artificial fragrances are both used in a detergent, the clean laundry will still smell like the artificial fragrance, which does not wash out of the laundry during the washing cycle. These chemicals shorten the lifespan of all of your laundry in addition to their numerous questionable health-related consequences.


Natural scents, like the 100% pure essential oils used in all scented Roux Maison products, will wash away during the washing cycle. So, you get great aromatherapy when using our products, but only trace amounts remain after washing. Your clean laundry just smells clean and not like anything else. Read this to learn more about the similar reasons to always avoid using any fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Read this for some excellent natural alternatives when you really want some kind of fabric softener. Here’s more information about all of our unscented products and how they never contain any masking chemicals or any other ingredients beyond the actual ingredients in each product. Roux Maison never uses any chemical or synthetic fragrances in any of our products and both of our custom scents, Ambrosia and Sweet Tea, are solely composed of 100% therapeutic-grade essential oil blends.


We should all have the right to know what’s in all the products we use in our homes and bring around our families. In the best case, the secret ingredients composing the artificial fragrances in other laundry products are not good for you. In general, they are bad for your fabrics and definitely not good for your health. In general, they are bad for your fabrics and definitely not good for your health. You deserve better! 

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