Why you need less laundry detergent than you think!

We get lots of questions about how much Roux Maison laundry detergent is necessary to do a load of laundry. We always give the same answer. 2 capfuls. What if you have a standard washing machine? 2 capfuls. What if you have an HE machine? 2 capfuls. What if you’re washing your workout clothes with Roux Maison Sport Detergent? 2 capfuls. You probably get the idea now. The answer is always 2 capfuls. That’s as much as you need for any type of machine and any type of load. Of course, if you have a small load, you can use less detergent. If you’re hand washing, you only need a few drops up to one capful for a full sink of laundry. If you have an exceptionally large load, you can add a little more detergent, but you really don’t need to do so. There’s no need to waste detergent and over-measure.

Poke a little hole in the seal on your detergent bottle with a ballpoint pen to prevent spilling when you pour.

All Roux Maison laundry detergents are 6x concentrated so you get the same cleaning power from our 2 little capfuls as you get from those big caps of conventional detergents. We eliminated everything that was not completely fundamental to our formulas to distill them as much as possible. We use less water, less packaging and less energy to transport our laundry products so we have a smaller footprint, yet get your clothes just as clean as possible.

Look how easy and clean it is to measure a capful of detergent now

Our 16 ounce bottles are so easy to handle and store too. Measuring Roux Maison detergents is a breeze. Just pour the detergent into the cap and then pour the full cap into the drum or to the dispenser. Next, wipe off the wet cap on the clothes that you just threw in the machine. You didn’t waste a drop of detergent and your bottle and cap are dry and clean and ready for the next load.

Happy washing!

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