Are you washing your clothes all wrong?

We’ve all been guilty of just throwing those big piles of laundry in the machine without paying attention to colors or weights or fabrics or looking for spots or stains to treat. We’re busy and no one has extra time for anything these days, especially laundry. It seems so much easier and what’s the worst that could happen? It may seem like a good plan at the time, but a little bit of effort is so worth the better results and can certainly save you lots of tears and lots of ruined clothes. Once you get in the habit, it really becomes second nature and not harder or more time consuming. We’re here to help and make it as easy as possible too.

Let’s start with the basics of some categories that you want to separate and wash separately. Keep these in mind and it will make the process easier. You always want to separate light from dark colored clothing. You also want to keep heavy and lightweight fabrics apart too. Items that create a lot of lint like terry cloth towels and flannels should also be washed alone with Roux Maison Essential Detergent. Try to wash your denim alone, on cold and inside out to keep colors from fading with Roux Maison Essential Detergent. All of your athletic clothing should be washed together with Roux Maison Sport Detergent. Other heavy and abrasive items should also be washed alone or at least together and separate from everything else. Read your labels, especially if you aren’t sure about something.

For specific instructions how to wash each of these different categories and more detailed information on each, make sure to reference Roux Maison’s handy cleaning tips and washing instructions. We tell you which Roux Maison laundry detergent to use for your different fabrics and clothing categories, what water temperature and how best to dry each item. We also have an excellent stain removal guide that you can print and hang in your laundry room next to your machine. It will save you a lot of time and angst when you get a tough stain. Use common sense and don’t overthink it. A great hint is to keep a bottle of Roux Maison Stain Remover in your closet by your hamper, and of course, another bottle in your laundry room by your washer so you can pre-treat stains as soon as you see them. This will make washing less stressful and keep stains from setting on your clothes. It also helps to get the optimal results from all of your Roux Maison detergents with all of your laundry too.

One option is to have multiple hampers handy and just separate your clothes as soon as you take them off. If you don’t have the space or energy for this, no problem; just dump out your hamper in front of the machine and separate when you are ready to wash. Different piles will work just fine! Some people are really organized and make their lives easier by spreading out their laundry during different days of the week. If you are one of these fortunate and organized people, congratulations and we are jealous of you! You can wash different types of loads on different days. Either way, the hamper dumping technique can still be productive and only takes a minute to dump and separate your clothes and linens for each different load.

Whatever method you choose, your clothes will last longer and look better if you make the effort to separate your laundry and use the correct Roux Maison Detergent for each load. Always remember to keep your Roux Maison Stain Remover ready too. We love to hear about your tips and tricks too. Please share them with us and happy washing!

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