Earth Day

It’s springtime.  Everything is in bloom and the weather is finally warmer. What better time than now to think of ways we can make small changes in our behavior that could yield big results in terms of energy savings and conservation.  We are all so busy and a lack of time is usually our biggest excuse for all of the things we would like to do but do not always get around to do. We know what a great job you are already doing with your laundry by using Roux Maison. You are avoiding harsh and abrasive chemicals in your laundry and home, and you have a smaller carbon footprint with our American-made, 6x concentrated detergents.   Now it’s time to tackle something new.

So, for me anyway, it helps to have limited goals and expectations so that they are achievable. This year for Earth Day, we are so excited to set up our a vegetable garden to have our own farmer’s market all year long.

herb garden


We’ve just started to plant things as they become available and are starting many vegetables from seeds that we will transfer to the raised beds.  So far, the bunnies are still one step ahead of us.  They’ve gotten much of the broccoli and are trying to work on the spinach.  We got lots of rubber snakes in hopes of scaring them off.  I’m not sure how well this experiment will work out. At the very least, we will have some really fat and well-fed rabbits in our neighborhood!

cutting flowers and all kinds of raspberries and veggies

The broccoli the rabbits ate

This is our way of doing something to help us observe Earth Day everyday.  We hope you have a great Earth Day too and we would love for you to share your ideas and projects with us!

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