Halloween Costumes – yes, we can clean those too!

Halloween was a wet and muddy one this year in Nashville! Even if the weather was better where you live, chances are that the costumes in your house still got some chocolate and candy stuck on them somewhere. Now what? If these are costumes you want to keep, you need to clean them before putting them away. Most of these costumes are synthetic and definitely not built for a lot of wear and tear or to last very long in general, so you need to proceed carefully.

How could you not want to save this darling costume?

The feet on this little pink chick got really muddy and dirty. This costume was so cute, that I definitely wanted to try and save it to wear again. Here are the washing instructions. It’s only supposed to be spot cleaned.

The feet seem to be all polyester and they are the muddiest part.

the feet got muddier after this photo was taken

I was willing to try my luck and machine wash the feet. I used Roux Maison Essential Detergent and washed them on a gentle cycle with cold water. Easy breezy and they came out perfect. All clean and no more mud. I let them air dry. The dryer would almost certainly shrink them at the very least and we’re not fans of using the dryer anyway.

All clean!

As for the rest of the costume, I did try to spot treat it because I’m pretty sure it is machine washable, but the fake pink fur would also get really matted from the machine and probably wouldn’t look great. Normally, I would hand wash the costume, but the fur would probably get equally matted from getting all wet in either the machine or the sink, so I tried to limit how much of it got wet at all and I tried not to get it soaked. I also used scissors and just cut out a couple of spots that had little matted lumps of what is probably candy stuck in them. I used Roux Maison Stain Remover and some Roux Maison Essential Detergent with a microfiber cloth to rub and treat the spots.

My chick is as good as new and ready to wear. We hope all of your costumes look this good! Roux Maison laundry detergents and stain remover can fix just about any laundry problem!

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