How To Load A Washing Machine with Roux Maison

At Roux Maison, every day is Earth Day! We are always looking for ways to make the best natural laundry detergents that are as eco-friendly as possible. We want to make it easier for all of us to make little changes that can have bigger cumulative impacts both for our families and our planet. After all, they are both the only ones that we’ve got and we need to treat them as well as we can!

Some things may seem obvious, but it’s always funny when we find a better way to do them. We all know the basics of loading a washing machine, but many of us are also used to big jugs of brightly colored, strong smelling detergents. So, using super-concentrated Roux Maison natural laundry detergents will be a different, and hopefully, much improved experience for you. We want help to make sure you don’t waste a single drop of it!

Washing with an all natural laundry detergent like Roux Maison couldn’t be simpler! Because all of our detergents are 6x concentrated, our bottles are small. Less than 1/2 oz of detergent washes a full load of laundry in either an HE or a standard machine. The dosing amounts are the same no matter what kind of machine you have. So, you will get the same number of washes per bottle with any kind of machine. Each 16 oz bottle of detergent can wash at least 40 full loads of laundry since a single load of laundry requires only 2 capfuls of detergent.

To load your machine, pour two capfuls of Roux Maison detergent into the washing machine or detergent dispenser. Of course, if you have a smaller load, use less detergent at your discretion. Oftentimes, one capful is plenty for a small load. If you are hand washing in the sink, usually just a few drops will do the trick. After pouring your desired amount of detergent into the cap to measure it, wipe the inside and any drips of the outside of the detergent bottle cap with a piece of your dirty laundry that you are washing (clothing, towel, etc.). This keeps the detergent from running down the side of the bottle. Then you can replace the cap securely. Load machine with dirty laundry and you’re done! Our detergents are so good and effective that we want to make sure you get to use every bit in every bottle!

Here’s an instructional video on how we load our laundry machines at Roux Maison:

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