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Laundry and detergent. Definitely not the sexiest topic and not the top of most people’s top ten lists of favorite things. But, you care how you look and you care about your clothes, so you’ve got to care how you take care of them too so they will last. Recently, we sat down with one of our favorite local Nashville fashion bloggers, Tina Adams. If you don’t subscribe to her blog, you are really missing out. She knows how to help you make the most of what you’ve got and to find what works best for your body. She also launched the amazing Style Vault. It is a monthly subscription based service full of tips, tricks and savings galore. It gives you all the latest and best clothes, shoes and accessories as well as links to buy them and special savings on lots of items. If you sign up during the month of August, there’s even a special Roux Maison discount too. It’s perfect, Tina tells you what to wear and how to wear it, and we let you know how to keep it all in its best condition. What more could you want?

This visit was all about workout wear. Tina shared lots of her thoughts about how ubiquitous it has become as street wear. She is not a big fan of this trend, and while I am certain her words of wisdom were directed at me personally, I would love to share them with the rest of you in case you also fall victim to the “I wore my yoga pants all day and never even worked out” crime. I know, truth hurts! Tina likes to emphasize that yoga pants are tights and tights are not pants. Therefore, we need to cover up our bottoms regardless of where we are and what we’re doing!

Since Tina probably cannot get us to change our ways and give up our yoga pants addiction, she’s here to help us at least wear them correctly. Tina is all about looking as put together and appropriate as you can, whenever you can. This means don’t do what I just mentioned above and live in your yoga clothes, especially when there isn’t any exercise involved. Unless you are actually exercising or coming from the hospital, she wants you to wear real clothes. Either way, one of her best tips is to tie a t-shirt or sweatshirt around your waist to cover your bottom whenever you are in public in your yoga pants, or even at the gym. At least wear a longer t-shirt. She thinks public bottom displays should be avoided at all costs, all of the time. Look how well she pulls off this look.

Tina is super particular about what kind of pants look best on pretty much all of us as well. Bootcut or ankle length and skinny yoga pants are Tina’s faves. They will lengthen your legs. Her absolute least favorite look in all aspects of life is the capri which makes everyone look a little stumpy. Capri length pants are always on Tina’s worst offender list. Don’t forget to finish your outfit with great shoes too.

Tina also offers some great suggestions about proportions. If you wear a skinnier pant, wear a looser top. It seems so obvious, we just have to remember to do it. Tina is a big fan of racer back tanks that can run a little looser around the middle and help partially cover our bottoms too. In the heat of summer, it’s a perfect time to swap yoga pants for tennis skirts. And yes, if you are a member of The Style Vault, Tina lets you know all of her favorites and where to find them for every item she recommends. She also provides some special deals on many of them, such as Roux Maison laundry products!

You already know how to use your Roux Maison Sport Detergent and trusty Stain Remover to keep all of your workout wear in excellent shape. In case you missed it, here and here are some of our best tips for getting the longest lifespan out of all of your athletic clothes with Roux Maison. Now, with Tina’s help, you’ll look as great as your clothes do!

Thanks so much Tina for your words of wisdom about workout wear. We will definitely check back with you soon for more fashion and wardrobe advice.

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