Unscented vs. Fragrance Free: Is There a Difference?

Remember walking into your grandma’s house after being outside in the fresh air all day? It was like diving into a bottle of her favorite perfume. Musky, heavy and uniquely floral, you left her house smelling that way for what felt like days and sneezing for no apparent reason. That’s the power of too much fragrance.

WebMD lists laundry detergent #2 on The Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Common Skin Irritants, while fragrance also makes an appearance further down the list.

These days, it seems as though people are becoming much more sensitive to household chemicals and fragrances in laundry detergent thanever before. With this increased sensitivity comes increased awareness. For some consumers, using heavily fragranced laundry detergent has the same effect as walking into that musky house.

If you’re prone to allergies or have asthma, this chemical cloud has probably sent you into a coughing or sneezing fit on more than one occasion. Fed up with these allergy attacks, you’ve most likely sworn off scented detergents, marched to the detergent aisle of your local grocery store only to be utterly befuddled by the claims of “unscented” and “fragrance free” emblazoned on every label. Those are the same thing, right? Wrong.

Although they seem to have the same ultimate goal, if you are concerned about the fragrance of your detergent, you want to choose the fragrance-free option. While unscented products seem as though they would be void of scent, “unscented” usually means the detergent actually contains more chemicals to mask the smells of the other ingredients. “Fragrance-free” means that there are no additional oils or perfumes to cover up the scents of the other ingredients.

At Roux Maison, when we say our products are fragrance-free, we mean just that. You may be able to smell the natural scents of our all-natural ingredients, but that will be all you smell. Our full line of fragrance-free Roux Maison products leaves your laundry with no smell other than the freshness of clean clothes. This is why we also recommend that you avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets, which are all comprised of chemically scented ingredients that leave behind strong odors that cling to and coat your clothes.

If you are wondering why you or a family member are itchy all the time, or have developed an allergic reaction to perfumes and dyes, it may be time to switch to an all-natural, fragrance-free laundry detergent. It’s a small step to take when protecting yourself from harmful skin reactions.

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