Baby clothes – simple laundry care instructions for great results

Baby clothes. They’re so very small and yet they get dirtier and nastier than anything else in the house. But, they still need extremely gentle care and we are also the most worried about how we care for them and the chemicals in the products that we use. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Roux Maison laundry detergents and our magical Stain Remover are all completely safe to use on baby’s delicate clothes and they are also safe for baby’s delicate skin. All Roux Maison products are hypo-allergenic and do not contain any chemical fragrances or allergens and irritants like many commercial brands. Be sure to read the back of all of our full-sized detergent bottle labels for bullet points of the nasty chemicals that our products do not contain and that are frequently found in other laundry products. You can even use Roux Maison Essential Detergent on cloth baby diapers!

Roux Maison Essential Detergents are perfect to use on most baby clothes – just pick your favorite scent

Our main concerns are how to get these extra dirty clothes clean without using products that leave behind chemicals that could be dangerous for babies to breathe and touch. Remember that you never want to use any laundry products that leave behind strong odors because those odors, even though they may be familiar and you may like them, are all just dirty chemicals. This means avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets at all costs, especially for baby clothes.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, let’s try to make things as streamlined and simple as we can. The most important thing to remember is to pre-treat every stain that you find with Roux Maison Stain Remover. Try to keep a bottle of Roux Maison Stain Remover available wherever you keep your laundry hampers. Having a bottle in baby’s closet so you can pre-treat stains as soon as the clothes come off really helps your chances of stain removal success. Keep a separate hamper for baby clothes and wash them separately. This avoids having heavier and more abrasive items damaging baby clothes while washing.

Babies usually end up with multiple daily wardrobe changes, so having a second baby hamper by your laundry or somewhere else convenient for you is usually a good idea too. Don’t forget to keep another bottle of Roux Maison Stain Remover there as well. If these clothes have visible food or poop or spit up on them, try to rinse that out before tossing those clothes into the hamper. It’s also good to re-treat any of those stains when you are ready to do a load of baby wash. If the stains are really bad, a good pre-soak even as long as overnight can make a huge difference.

For baby bedding and most baby clothes, Roux Maison Essential Detergent is the perfect choice. If you have some extra delicate items, use Roux Maison Delicate Detergent. Always check clothing for stains both before and after you wash. We like to avoid the dryer as much as possible anyway, but when you have tiny items that must be inspected for stains, it’s a good plan to hang dry as much as possible. The heat in the dryer will set any stains that you missed. If you don’t use the dryer, you can always try to pre-treat and wash again and you will usually have better luck the second time.

Keep it simple. Separate your clothes. Wash light colors separately from dark ones. Read your care labels. Pre-treat as much as you can. Avoid using the dryer. Never use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Follow these steps and keep your beautiful baby clothes perfect for generations to come!

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