Best travel tips to save you money and pack smarter

Spring is almost here (and Summer is around the corner) and that means it’s either time to hop in the car for a roadtrip or get on a plane. Whether you’re heading to the beach, the mountains or any far-flung destination, we’ve got you covered so you can pack smarter and save some money.

Roux Maison travel size detergents and Stain Remover save you space and money. Everytime. You pack less, so you can bring home more treasures, and save space and money. No need to send anything out for pricey and harmful dry cleaning while away from home and you can re-wear more clothing more often, and it will always be clean. You’ve got better things to do than lug heavy bags and worry about what is getting left behind somewhere never to be seen again. There’s nothing worse than desperation shopping for something you didn’t necessarily need or want just because what you brought is dirty.

Our ideal recommendation of what you need for almost any warm weather trip is 1 bottle of each of these Roux Maison 1 ounce favorites: Swimwear Detergent, Delicate Detergent and Stain Remover. These 3 workhorses will keep your swimwear perfect, all of your lingerie and fine washables clean and pristine, and everything stain free! If you’ll be staying somewhere with laundry facilities, definitely take a bottle or two of your favorite scent of Essential Detergent too.

The worst thing you can ever do for your precious swimwear is not wash out the chlorine and salt, or even worse, try to wash it using hotel shampoo or soap. All three of these options will ruin your swimwear and drastically shorten how long it lasts, not to mention cause stretching and fading. Just 1 little 1 ounce bottle of Roux Maison Swimwear Detergent will last for a good 6-8 handwashes, plenty for a week or more away at the beach. Just add a few drops in the sink every time you hand wash and remember to wash every single time you wear any of your suits. It only takes a few minutes and will keep your swimwear pristine for years to come. It is such a small investment to make in the longevity of that suit that took you hours of trying on everything at the store to find!

The same goes for your bras and lingerie. Your 1 ounce bottle of Roux Maison Delicate Detergent will be such a lifesaver for all of your summer travels. You know you’ll be hot and sweaty and you need to wash those bras! Once again, all kinds of shampoo and bar soap are horrible to use to wash any fabrics, ever, for any reason! Just don’t do it! Soaps and shampoo are not designed to get into the fibers of any fabrics and remove dirt and oils and keep fabrics from stretching or fading.

You already know you need our handy travel sized Stain Remover. It is such a lifesaver in so many situations and will certainly allow you to get more wear out of any stained items you find and probably remove some of those stains on the spot! Try to rinse out fabrics, at least in the areas you treat, soon after using our Stain Remover since you might not be washing those items as soon as you would if you were at home.

These tips should make all your summer travels less stressful and more fun. Let us know where you take Roux Maison this spring & summer and safe travels!

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