Keep Your Valentine’s Day Clean & Bright With Roux Maison Stain Remover!

Valentine’s Day can often bring unsightly stains along with wine and roses. Fortunately, with Roux Maison laundry products on hand, you can avert any crisis while still looking picture perfect. Our Roux Maison Stain Remover is so versatile and effective that it will improve or remove many common stains, especially when you can treat them quickly and have some other multi-purpose items on hand. Keep Roux Maison Stain Remover around for all of your emergencies.

Wine is a really common stain and a really easy one to clean. Whether white or red, try to dab up the stain to stop it from spreading. For white wine, some club soda will often remove all residue, while red wine stains may need a little more work and some water to rinse them. You can use your finger or a small brush like an old toothbrush to work some Roux Maison Stain Remover into the leftover stain. Let it sit and soak in for a few minutes and you should see a huge improvement, if not complete stain removal. Laundering your garment afterwards should remove the entire stain. You can also wet the area with water and then re-apply your Roux Maison Stain Remover.

If you’re anything like us, chocolate often finds its way onto your clothes this time of year. The first thing you want to do is try and remove any excess. Sprinkle some cornstarch or talcum powder on the chocolate stain and leave it for at least 15 minutes or so. This should absorb most of the chocolate so that you can gently scrape the rest off with a dull butter knife. If it looks like there is still a lot left on your garment, you can repeat this step. Next, use your Roux Maison Stain Remover and work it into the stain and let it soak in for at least 15 minutes or so. Launder as usual.

Lipstick is another common culprit. If you dab the area with a little petroleum jelly, this should take most of it out. Next, apply some white vinegar to take out any residual color and rinse it all with cool water. Follow with Roux Maison Stain Remover and launder as usual.

With all that wine and chocolate, you probably lit some candles too. If candle wax finds its way onto your clothes, try to freeze it off by either putting the garment in the freezer or just rubbing with an ice cube until it hardens. You can then use a dull butter knife to scrape and crack off as much wax as possible. Next, place several layers of paper towel on the stain and use a warm iron to pull as much of the remaining wax as possible into the towels and off of your garment. Replace the towels and repeat if they become saturated.

We hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with lots of chocolate or wine and roses – whatever your heart desires!

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