Clean Sheets The Whole Family Will Love

Welcome to the holiday season: a time for cheer, warmth and guests – invited or uninvited. Hopefully you are crashing someone else’s house for Turkey Day and Christmas, but if you’re oh-so-graciously hosting and offering your guest beds, we have some sheet cleaning tips for you that will impress even your most hard to please guests  

Start with sanitizing the sheets. Wash brand new sheets first to soften them up and remove all of the chemicals from the manufacturing process. Sheets already on hand should be laundered to get them clean of the skin, oil, sweat and even the old residue left over from the last time you washed them with that Big Brand Name Detergent.

To obliterate filth or break in new sheets with no harsh chemicals, take these tips to heart:

To clean cotton, flannel, synthetics, bamboo, or modal (which is created from beech-wood pulp) sheets, use hot water and a douse of Roux Maison Essential Detergent. Shake to separate and prevent tangling before placing in the dryer. Dry on low.

Linen, silk, or sateen cotton sheets/bedding should be laundered with cold water on the delicate cycle, using Roux Maison Delicate Detergent. Dry on the lowest heat setting or hang to dry. Machine-washing these delicate sheets removes more allergens than dry-cleaning them.

That’s the gist of cleaning sheets with a natural detergent blend made with 100% essential oils that will do a better job removing germs, allergens and any other grossness than the chemical cleaners. Plus, it smells better. But wait! We are not done. Here are some more natural laundry tips for cleaning bedding:

  • Avoid bleach like the dude nobody really knows but somehow got into your holiday party and is camped out under the mistletoe. Bleach can weaken fibers of the sheets and diminish their natural life span. Add a quarter cup of lemon juice to brighten white sheets instead.
  •  Add about a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle for extra softness, as well as to remove all of the sizing and starch that come in new sheets.  A second rinse cycle will help make sure all of the vinegar odor is fully neutralized.
  • Never ever use fabric softener or dryer sheets! These just re-saturate your bedding with lots of nasty chemicals that leave residue all over your sheets  They cause your fabrics to fray and also contain allergens and irritants. All Roux Maison detergents work hard to remove this chemical residue, so don’t use products that just put it right back. Use a natural fabric softening alternative like these.

And while you’re at it, recharge your own sheets. As host, you’ll need a good night’s rest – or lots of wine – more than anyone. No matter what shape they are in, our detergent can probably get them back in shape like it did in this case:

“Just when I thought I was going to have to accept that my night creams, deep hair conditioners, and my addiction to cuticle oil just before I turn the lights out was spelling the ruin of my fine bed linens… ROUX MAISON reinvented all of my comfy sheets. They not only looked white as if they were new, they smelled amazing and I slept better because they were even softer than they were after 10 years – just when you thought linens couldn’t get softer after that long without falling apart.”

-Glowing Praise from Karen Elizabeth Marx. Executive Director of Home Furnishings at “ELLE DECOR” Magazine

Give your guests the red carpet treatment this holiday season and treat them to a bed washed with Roux Maison laundry detergents. We can’t save you from every holiday disaster looming, but everyone will sleep better, and thus be in better spirits. For other cleaning tips – like how to wash that sweater your mother-in-law gave you for Christmas that may have a slight musty smell to it from being in the attic since Dec. 25thcheck out our laundry resource guide.

Oh, and P.S., our plant based sustainable laundry detergent kits make excellent stocking stuffers, and the TSA will keep their paws off of our travel sizes. Give them to whoever has the joy of hosting next year so they can return the favor and have a fresh set of sheets waiting for you.

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