Laundry hacks to save you time and money

The one thing we all have in the shortest supply is time, especially around the holidays. So, here are a few helpful hints to make your laundry routine just a little bit faster, easier and more productive!

First of all, Roux Maison Stain Remover is your best plan of defense in getting rid of stubborn stains. Keep some of it everywhere and apply it as soon as you see any spots on your clothes. Either apply with your fingers or with a microfiber cloth for best results.

Stock up on Roux Maison Stain Remover and keep some everywhere

Make sure you take advantage of all of the fantastic cleaning tips and our stain removal guide that you can print and keep next to your washing machine. Treating stains quickly and early is one of the best predictors of success. We give you information about how to wash just about anything possible and then to remove most categories of stains too.

Use the appropriate Roux Maison detergent formula for what you are washing. Our great cleaning tips provide an excellent reference to help you make the best choice every time. You can always email us if you have any questions too.

Pick the right Roux Maison detergent for the type of laundry you are washing

Sort your laundry. Really. it only takes a minute and will make such a big difference to your outcomes. We’ve all had the pink laundry from the 1 red sock stuck in a load of white laundry. Don’t let it happen to you. Sort both by color and by the type of fabrics. Don’t wash heavy and abrasive fabrics with thin and fragile ones.

To make sure you get the best use and least waste from our detergent, do not remove the foil seals inside the caps on your Roux Maison detergent bottles. Poke a little hole in the middle of the tiny circle on the seal with a ballpoint pen. Then squeeze the bottle to measure your desired amount of detergent. Once you empty your cap, wipe it off on the clothes that you are washing so you don’t waste a drop of Roux Maison detergent and you don’t have any drips left on your cap. Your bottle stays dry and clean and your cap does as well. Easy!

Find the little hole in the foil seal on your detergent bottle

Poke a little hole in the circle with a ballpoint pen

Look how easy and clean it is to measure a capful of detergent now

When in doubt, do not heat dry. Other than towels and socks, we line or hang dry just about everything. Also, if you missed treating any stains, if you do not heat dry, you still have a great chance of successfully removing stains if you have not placed the item in the dryer.

lay flat or hang to dry whenever you can

Keep the right supplies on hand and take advantage of all of the helpful tips we provide. It’s not too late to stock up for the holidays and all your hostess gifts and stocking stuffers. We love your laundry!

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