Happy Presidents’ Day!
Happy Presidents’ Day to all of you!  We hope you’re at least getting to slow down a little bit today, especially if you’re like us and you’re working.  It’s been a really busy New Year so far for us here at Roux Maison.  January flew by in a resolution-filled blur and it’s hard to believe that February is quickly passing.  More and more people all over the country are learning about our amazing line of laundry products and trying them every day.  We are thrilled and grateful for all of the great feedback and customer responses we continue to receive.
We are so excited that dailygrommet.com selected Roux Maison to feature this Wednesday, February 22.  If you aren’t a subscriber already, you should be!  Daily Grommet is a great source to try and learn about cool, new products and the stories behind them.  You get the inside scoop on how and why these things came to exist and you’ll be glad to have them on your radar.  We will be answering questions on their message board Wednesday afternoon and would love to answer your questions as well. Please check it out and send in your questions and comments.  We can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say.


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