What is a roux?

It’s okay to admit it – you’ve always wondered what exactly is a roux!  Even if you are not from Louisiana or are not particularly culinarily inclined, we thought you’d like to know a little about the distinctive qualities of a roux.

A classic French preparation, a roux (pronounced rū) is a cooked mixture of flour and oil used as a thickening agent in a soup or a sauce.  How does a chef prepare a roux, you ask?   She takes simple ingredients, carefully blends them, and transforms them into something delicious!  Our resident roux chef, Deena Drummond, is a master at fine-tuning a perfect roux.  As she stirs her roux, it begins to change color, taste and texture. The longer it cooks, the more complex it becomes, each stage yielding a roux different from the one before it.  Deena tells us that a well-executed roux is so versatile that it can serve as the basis for a wide range of mouthwatering creations – from the savory to the sweet.  (To this day, two of Deena’s favorite dishes to create are étouffée and gumbo; after all, she is from Louisiana!)

Our resident roux chef also just happens to be our CEO here at Roux Maison, and she’s here to tell you that her laundry detergents are just as versatile and high-quality as her roux.  After dealing with years of frayed clothing and the smell of chemicals from conventional laundry products and dry cleaners, Deena decided to make a “laundry roux” of her own.  Just like the roux in Deena’s étouffée recipe, Roux Maison mixes simple, natural ingredients and turns them into the finest laundry products. Green doesn’t always equate to clean, but it does with Roux Maison products.

Just another reason to Love Your Laundry!

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