How Do Roux Maison Products Protect My Clothes?

We all make significant investments in our favorite items of clothing and household linens that eventually become dingy, worn and threadbare from repeated wear and washings, even though we think we are providing the best care possible. Dirt and grime create abrasion on fibers, especially during the washing process.

Other mainstream laundry detergents often contain multiple artificial ingredients that may leave a coating of chemicals on the fibers of your laundry every time you wash with them. These chemicals also shorten the life span of your garments by literally eating up their threads and fibers. Roux Maison products offer alternatives that will both protect our garments and household linens, and conserve them to the greatest extent possible.

All Roux Maison products are eco-friendly and do not deposit chemical residues that could erode the fabrics and the threads on your laundry or do environmental harm. Roux Maison laundry products gently yet thoroughly clean your clothes so that repeated wearing and washing will not further diminish or degrade the integrity of the fibers of your laundry or their potential maximum lifespan beyond otherwise usual wear.

We make every effort to ensure that your favorite clothing and linens can become your future heirlooms, while also minimizing the number of chemicals touching your body and your home.

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