How to get rid of sweat stains for good

It’s finally warm enough to pull out all of your favorite t-shirts and ditch your heavy sweaters until next Fall. Is there anything more disappointing than your first day in your favorite T just to find dingy armpit stains? They look bad, but you don’t want to ditch your favorite shirts that are in otherwise great condition. What to do? Here’s a cheap and easy solution for you.

You probably already have everything you’ll need: a little spray bottle, some lemons, water and table salt. Squeeze two or three lemons until you have about half a cup or so of juice and then add an equal amount of water. If you have a lot of shirts to treat, you’ll want to squeeze more juice and make more of this mixture. If you have fewer shirts to treat, then make less. Pour the liquids into your spray bottle. Add a couple of shakes of regular table salt for some added scrubbing power. Shake it all up to mix it.

Spray directly onto the stained underarm areas of your shirts so that you get them nice and wet and the entire area doused with the mixture. Rub the fabric together gently and the stain should start to loosen up a little.

Leave your shirts for an hour or two prior to washing. A sunny spot will also help to bleach out and lighten the stains. Afterwards, rub in some Roux Maison Stain Remover to the stained areas and wash as usual with your favorite scent of Roux Maison Essential Detergent.

Remember to double check everything for stains after washing. Heat drying anything with stains will just set them and make them virtually impossible to remove later. We always recommend that you either hang or lay garments flat to dry. It saves both energy and the wear and tear on your clothes from using the dryer. It also guarantees that you get another great shot at treating any stains you might have missed.

This method of sweat stain removal is pretty cheap, quick and easy and definitely preferable to replacing all of your perfectly good shirts any earlier than necessary.

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