Keep Your Laundry Free of Well Water Odor

We recently received an email from one of our wonderful customers about her experience with Roux Maison all-natural laundry detergents. Living in an area that uses well water that was causing a nasty smell in her laundry, Brenda Saget Darling put Roux Maison to the test to solve her stinky laundry problem. Check out what she had to say:

“I cannot rave enough about Roux Maison. We live in Bucks County, PA where we have struggled with the issues of well water filled with tons of minerals and requiring salt crystals to fill the tank regularly. Finally, after replacing two new top-of-the-line “High Efficiency” washing machines, we discovered that the commercial brands of laundry detergent were interacting with sodium chloride and other chemicals to create a sewage type smell in the washer and our clothing.

“Finally, using a very small portion of Roux Maison, which more than makes up for the cost, we have eliminated the awful smells of the chemical interaction. The purity and virtually chemical free HE liquid has no interaction with the well water and also leaves our clothing smelling fresh and clean. I am so thrilled that after all of the years we finally have a solution for our aching laundry problem. Thank you to the creators of Roux Maison Essential Laundry Detergent.


“And by the way, the stain remover has also delivered wonderful results without the chemical interaction.”

This is exactly the type of story we love hearing from our customers. At Roux Maison, we truly want to be able to solve any type of laundry problem you may encounter. Washing clothes with well water can be a tricky business, especially when expensive High Efficiency washers don’t perform how they should. Because well water contains many different mineral and deposits, it can produce a very unpleasant odor that other detergents cannot effectively remove.

Because Roux Maison detergent is safe to use in any type of washer – including High Efficiency washers – these minerals and deposits are not a problem. Even though they may claim to be compatible with High Efficiency washers, most name brand detergents still contain synthetic chemicals that react poorly with the minerals in well water resulting in a nasty smell. Since Roux Maison is made with all-natural ingredients and essential oils, this is never an issue. Also, Roux Maison detergents require the same dose of 2 capfuls per load whether you are washing in a High Efficiency machine or a standard one so you never have to worry about getting your dosage wrong.

So, whether you’re washing with well water in a High Efficiency washer or you’re using regular water and washers, Roux Maison is the perfect choice for all of your laundry needs.

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