Save Money with Natural Laundry Detergent

There you are, standing in the detergent aisle trying to decide which colorful jug of laundry detergent to choose this month. The kids are whining of boredom, you have a million other things to do and you still have to go to every other part of the grocery store, so you grab the cheapest bottle and move on with your day. But that $9.00 bottle of Sunshine Smiles detergent could end up costing you hundreds of dollars throughout the year.

The leading detergent brands may have more appealing price tags, but their performance is not up to the level it should be. Simply put, they’re not cleaning your clothes. You probably feel the need to use an entire capful of that chemical-heavy detergent to get your clothes acceptably clean. Unfortunately, this just makes the problem worse. The more detergent you add to your laundry, the harder it is for it to get truly clean because the water in the washing machine cannot rinse all of the detergent out of your clothes. This leaves you with stiff, filmy clothes coated in detergent residue.

Unfortunately, this residue coats your clothes no matter how much or little detergent you use because the detergent is designed to perform that way. Optical brighteners and chemically infused fragrances stay on your clothes even after several washings, breaking down the fibers of your fabric and causing you to buy more clothes.

Not only are you buying more detergent because you’re using more per load, you’re probably doing more laundry than you need to, causing you to have a higher water bill. As you wash your clothes with these leading brand detergents, the constant washing and interaction with the detergents’ chemicals weaken the fibers of your clothing, once again causing it to wear out faster and making you buy new clothes more frequently. This excess of detergent can also cause build up in your washer, which causes malfunctions that require professional maintenance. This is yet another unnecessary expense brought to you by name brand, chemical-laden detergents.

Mainstream detergents can also cause health problems, particularly for those with sensitive skin. If you find yourself itching or breaking out without knowing the cause, it might just be your laundry detergent. Perfumes, dyes and synthetic chemicals can cause all kinds of skin irritations in customers with sensitive skin and allergies, and trips to the doctor or pharmacy.

Roux Maison’s gentle yet powerful formula saves you money in ways you probably never would have considered.

After washing your clothes with leading detergent brands, there remains a filmy residue on top of your laundry. This is never the case with Roux Maison detergents. In fact, it has the natural cleaning power to wash away the residue left by your previous detergents. This makes your clothes last longer and your wallet stay fuller since you’re not replacing clothes from season to season.

Roux Maison is also completely hypoallergenic and made of 100% natural ingredients, so you and your little ones won’t end up at the doctor or the pharmacy looking for another ointment for that rash caused by the chemicals in those other detergents. Our detergent is never dyed or scented with perfumes or artificial fragrances, so you don’t have to worry about having an allergic reaction. Our fragrances are made from 100% pure essential oils, and we even offer a fragrance-free selection as well. This is just another way Roux Maison’s all-natural laundry detergents save you time, money and worry.

Choosing the cheaper detergent may be costing you much more than the few extra dollars you’re saving at the grocery store. From water and mechanic bills to doctors’ visits and ruined clothes, buying chemical-heavy detergent is simply not worth it. Get your clothes truly clean while protecting the environment, your family and your wallet by choosing the all-natural cleaning power of Roux Maison Laundry Detergents.

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