Packing up your winter wool and cashmere

We know it’s still cold out, but it’s time to think about spring and getting your closet ready for warmer weather and lighter clothes. Even if it just seems like wishful thinking right now in the middle of what seems like an interminable winter, we are optimistic that the cold will end and spring will return. So, what do you need to do? For starters, plan to switch out all of your heavy winter clothes for your lighter spring wardrobes. Always make sure that everything you put away is clean and stored appropriately so it will last many more seasons. Roux Maison is here to make sure that you clean and store everything in the best way that you can.

Today we will just tackle all of our wool and cashmere. We want to make sure everything is clean before storage. Residual deodorant and oils can cause delicate fibers to degrade, so even if you sometimes wear some items twice before you wash them, please go ahead and wash everything before you store it. Roux Maison Delicate Detergent is the perfect product to hand wash all of them. We have some handy directions how to do it right in the Fabric Care Guide on our website that you can see here:

Depending on your washing machine, you may also be able to machine wash your wool and cashmere sweaters, gloves and scarves too. If you have an older machine that does not have a hand wash or really delicate cycle, just play it safe and hand wash these items. It doesn’t take that long and isn’t that much work and you’ll thank us for it later.

Once you wash everything, please be careful when drying and storing. Roll each item in a towel to get most of the moisture out and then let everything dry on a rack or some flat surface. Avoid wringing the water out of any of these items. Sweaters and even scarves can easily stretch and lose their shape if you hang them to dry. Lay all of your sweaters, scarves, gloves and hats flat to dry. This goes for storage too, please fold your wool and cashmere for storage and do not hang any of it. If space is at a premium as it is for most of us, you can purchase great soft or hard sided bags that fit perfectly under most beds. You can also buy acid free tissue paper that is great for placing between items, cedar blocks and lavender sachets to keep everything fresh and ready for next year. Happy washing and we hope the warm weather comes soon! Let us know if you have any great storage tips too!

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