How to look great all wedding season in 6 easy steps!

Tis the season for getting dressed up for a fabulous and festive event just about every weekend. We want to help you always look your best so all you have to worry about is which fantastic dress to wear. It’s so hot this time of year that you really do need to wash after every wearing. We’re going to teach you how to wash all your cocktail attire yourself at home and stay away from the dry cleaner. With all the money we’re going to save you that you were wasting on harmful and needless dry cleaning, you’ll even be able to buy a new dress or two!

Don’t be afraid and try washing one of your plainest garments first. Almost all formal attire will recommend dry cleaning over any home laundering, but this doesn’t mean you can’t successfully do it. If your garment’s care instructions say not to even get it wet, then dry cleaning is your best alternative. Otherwise, you probably can hand wash it at home on your own with great results. The key here is to hand wash and not use the machine. Shrinkage is an issue especially when the garment is lined and the lining has a different fabric composition than the outer layers. Hand washing in cool water is always your safest alternative.

1 – Start by separating everything by fabric and color. Always separate items with any embellishments that could catch on another garment or on themself. We’ll tell you how to wash those later. For now, make sure you zip your zippers and close your hooks. Both synthetic and natural fabric cocktail clothes are delicate and you don’t want any snags or tears. We want to make sure everything lasts for years to come by taking the best care we can of it.

2 – Submerge your clothes into a clean sink full of cool water and add about a capful of your favorite scent of Roux Maison Delicate Detergent. Swish gently with your hands to make sure the detergent is getting evenly distributed. Remember that all Roux Maison detergents are HE, so that means they are low sudsing. You’ll get some nice suds at first and they will settle and go away. If you have any deodorant stains or spots on your clothes, just rub that fabric against itself to work out those stains. Allow to sit and soak for about 30 minutes.

3 – Rinse well. Drain all of the soapy water and refill the sink with fresh water until all of the water is clear. Swish your items some more and rinse to make sure you remove all of the detergent.

4 – Lay each item alone on a clean, dry towel and gently roll up to remove moisture. You want to be really careful here and not wring or pull or stretch out your clothes at all. Also avoid using towels with a lot of lint that will leave fuzz all over your clothes.

5 – Lay flat to dry and then hang when almost dry to shake out any remaining wrinkles.

6 – Steam out any wrinkles. This is easier and safer than ironing so you don’t burn or hurt any fragile fabrics.

Follow these simple steps to save money, time and infinite exposure from nasty chemicals. Your party clothes will be ready for every big event all year!

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