Roux Maison Fans Sing Their Thanks!

As usual, we find that we can’t begin to tell you about all the ways Roux Maison laundry products can make your life easier any better than our own customers.  So, we would like to introduce you to our friend, Susan, and let her tell you in her own words her story about rescuing a ball gown right before a big event. She was so enthusiastic about our stain remover that she even wrote an excellent song to accompany her story! Thank you for sharing your story and your song, Susan. We appreciate it so much and would love to hear more stories from all of you!

Our customers are so great at telling their stories about Roux Maison and we always love to hear how our products help save them time and money!

An Actual Roux Maison Testimony:

Hello my name is Susan Eslick. I am not and have never been a model or a television actress. I am a Hair Designer and a Make-up Artist.

I heard of Roux Maison through the owner and founder of the company, Deena Drummond. I obtained some samples and used them from time to time on stains I had on my clothes from food, color or something from the great outdoors. The product was always reliable, but nothing of major proportions had ever really challenged to me put my Roux Maison products to the “TEST”. As fate would have it that “TEST” day was not too far in the distant future and the product I am speaking of in particular is the Roux Maison Stain Remover.

That fateful March Saturday began with a huge rainstorm that lasted all day and seemed like it would never end. It should have warned me of the disaster that lay ahead for me, my client and a small but ominous stain that would appear on a very visible part of a ball gown that was adorning the chairwoman of a huge social ball. My client, who is also a dear friend, and I had worked together to procure an elegant look for her. As I mentioned before, the weather was so horrible that we decided it would be best if I did her hair and makeup at her home. Upon my arrival we decided to do her hair first.

I set up my mini beauty shop in her dressing room. We completed her lovely hair-do and she then decided to put on her ball gown, a lovely pale shell pink chiffon shift over an attached satin slip of the same color and adorned with gunmetal grey beading over the entire dress.  We then discussed what make-up to apply. She is a natural beauty and needs little enhancement with any make-up other than some lipstick and mascara but for this special night we decided to step it up a notch, lipstick, mascara and EYELINER!!   Oh and did I have the EYELINER, a gunmetal grey that would match the beading in her dress; I was so EXCITED!

Normally at this point I should have draped her with a towel or cape but it was only LIQUID EYELINER; what could happen? This is what can happen, one eye done and one to go the GUNMETAL GREY LIQUID EYELINER decides it will not only attach to the eye but will form a pin size ball and detach from the eyeliner brush and drop smack dab into the middle of the lap of my client who is wearing the CHIFFON AND SATIN GUNMETAL BEADED BALL GOWN!!!!!!!! ##%%!!###%%####% !!!!! {the words I can not print that escaped from my mouth upon EYELINER impact}.

At this point I have broken into my own “Personal Summer” sweat.  I am having my own mini breakdown. But, who is remaining calm? None other than my client/friend who has gone into some serene, yogi state of mind. I guess that’s why she is chairing this huge event, she can “handle” the stress. She remarks she can wear another ball gown and I, still in a state of shock, ask her if she has an extra shell pink ball gown with gunmetal grey beading because she had told me earlier that was the color and theme of the ball!! She calmly answers no and another round of “Personal Summer Sweat” for me. She even suggests that since the EYELINER is the exact color of the beading maybe it blends in!!  The PIN SIZE DROP OF LIQUID EYELINER, upon impact, has spread unmercifully into a spot about the size of a quarter on the part of the dress which covers my client’s “private parts” and is definitely not” blending” in!

We realized at this point we were avoiding the inevitable, REMOVE THE STAIN! Another round of PSS for me. I ask her what she had available or suggests and she tells me she has a bottle of Roux Maison Stain Remover. I had used this product on the afore-mentioned, but liquid eyeliner on an organic porous fabric was entirely a different situation. At this point we had nothing to lose and now we were racing the clock because she had less than 40 minutes to arrive at her event and that included drive time.  I took the bottle of Roux Maison Stain Remover and applied it to a damp cloth. I then put a dry towel underneath the dress she was still wearing and started dabbing the spot, praying, dabbing, praying, etc… you get the picture. It took about 15 to 20 minutes with more applications of the Stain Remover, but, much to both our amazement and surprise, the GUNMETAL GREY LIQUID EYELINER SPOT came out of the dress just beautifully without one stain or smell from the product. I cannot sing the praises of this incredible product enough but I will try.

Stolen from the concept of Annie Lenox’s” Why” {Diva Album}


WHY……? WHY……..? How many times do I have to try to tell myself to use a cape or towel when applying make-up…………………..oooooooooooooo

But when I tell myself I got it on her dress, I created a mess and I knew the trouble had just begun……………..oooooooooooooo

I’ve asked myself too many times why don’t they ever make a product to help people like meeeeee……….ooooooooooooo

And then I realize that there is an incredible product and it’s called Rouxmaison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…………..It’s just in the beginning stages but did you notice how Roux Maison rhymed with begun? Pretty clever. Well that’s my story about the beginning of my love affair with Roux Maison Stain Remover, I hope for those of you who have never tried it you will. It’s AWESOME!!!

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