The Year Of The Girl

The year of the girl.

That’s what I read today. Michael Phelps and his all-time Olympic supremacy notwithstanding, girl power is dominating the Olympics and creating a huge and overwhelming swell of national honor that is the cherry on top of the pride that we all feel during any and all Olympics anyway.  Gymnastics, swimming, a nail-biting end in soccer, track and field, Serena in all her glory, and the guys’ eternal favorite, beach volleyball.  Suddenly, even the least sports-minded among us become the biggest sports fans.  We all do and we can’t help it.

Every sport and every event, our American women seem to own it.  They make it all look effortless and easy, like they just bothered to show up, even though we all know how far that may be from the truth!  But, isn’t that the very definition of their supreme skill and confidence?  They are doing something we cannot, regardless of all of our day-dreams, aspirations and woulda, coulda, shouldas.  They worked harder and have more talent.  It takes both to excel, and there are precious few of us who have either and even fewer with the dedication to see how far we can go.  This is why true champions are so rare.  They earned every accolade and then some.  They transcend all of our petty differences so we all truly feel united.

We are proud of these Olympians in a way that makes us  feel like we contributed in some small way, from the comfort of our sofas and with snacks within arm’s reach, as we contemplate how we would fare competing against them and in what events we could compete in another four years!  We only hope there is some calorie burning component to watching them on tv.

So, the next time you hear someone say “You play like a girl!”  Hold your head hight and just say, thank you very much!

Go Team USA!
Girls’ rule!

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