How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?
Ready to dive into your bed of soft, cozy and chemical-free sheets? Let Roux Maison’s laundry necessities make laundry day a breeze and keep those beds feeling fresher than a daisy in a field of sunshine.

First off, let's talk frequency! For optimal cleanliness, wash those sheets at least once a week. Pro tip - It’s always great to have at least two sets of sheets to rotate them and give each set a well-deserved break to ensure they stay in tip-top shape for the long haul. Say goodbye to dirt, dust, and sweat – Roux Maison’s hypoallergenic laundry detergents always get rid of all the icky stains you can see, as well as all the bacteria and dirty grime that you can’t see.

We recommend Roux Maison’s Essential Laundry Detergent for best results laundering all of your daily cotton, bamboo, flannel and blended fiber bedding. Whether you're into the calming aroma of lavender with our Ambrosia scent, the zesty burst of citrus with Sweet Tea, or our fresh and clean Fragrance-Free detergents, make your laundry experience a zen, aromatherapy session! As always, our scents are solely made with 100% essential oils with no chemical fragrance oils, preservatives or dirty chemicals that could be harmful to your health or harmful to your laundry.

But wait, there's more! Pre-treating those stubborn spots is the secret sauce to stain removal every single wash.

Remember that all Roux Maison laundry detergents are 6x concentrated for optimal results using just 2 tiny capfuls, no matter the size of your load. Two capfuls is all you need, even for those king-sized sheet sets. Trust us, more detergent won't make things cleaner – it'll just leave you with a sudsy situation and a wasted bottle of goodness.

So, there you have it! Clean sheets, happy sleeps, and laundry days that are anything but a chore. Keep your beds feeling like a cloud nine paradise with Roux Maison’s exceptional laundry detergents!

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