Laundry Resolutions

Happy New Year! The new year is an exciting time. It’s a time of celebration, renewal, and resolutions. The most common New Year’s resolutions are losing weight, saving money, and helping people in need. All of these resolutions are noble and important, but we would like to suggest a few more resolutions that you can easily achieve. We bring you the 2015 Laundry Resolutions! These resolutions will help you do laundry more effectively so you have more time to spend on getting in shape or volunteering rather than spending precious time and energy on your ever-growing laundry pile. Let’s get resolving!

1. Switch to Roux Maison Natural Laundry Detergents

If you haven’t already made the switch to Roux Maison Natural Laundry Detergent, make sure this goes at the top of your list of resolutions. Mainstream detergents are full of chemicals that can be harmful to your family and your clothes. These chemicals cling to the fabric of your clothes and cause them to feel stiff as well as wear out faster over time. This doesn’t exactly help with your resolution to save money if you’re having to replace clothing that is damaged from chemical-heavy detergent. Our laundry detergent is made with natural ingredients that deeply clean your clothes without harming the fabric. And speaking of resolutions, if you’re looking to get in shape this year, you’ve probably invested in some pretty pricey workout clothes. That’s just another reason to switch to Roux Maison! Our Sport Detergent is specially formulated to clean sweat from your workout clothes without breaking down the fibers. That way you can spend more time enjoying your workout and less time worrying that you smell like sweat.

2.  Ditch the Dryer Sheets

As we’ve said many times before, dryer sheets are terrible for your clothes. Even after washing your laundry with Roux Maison Natural Detergent, dryer sheets coat your freshly cleaned laundry in all kinds of nasty chemicals that can make you and your family sick. Let 2015 be the year you finally let go of the dryer sheets! No one wants staticky clothes, but no one wants irritated skin, either. Luckily, dryer sheets are not the only method for removing static cling. Check out these natural alternatives!

3. Break Up Laundry Throughout the Week

Let’s face it, the last thing any of us wants to do after a long day of work and shuttling kids to practice and rehearsal is laundry. It’s extremely easy to let laundry pile up and tackle it all in one day. But that system burns you out! Spending your Saturday doing load after load of laundry is no way to live. Plus, if you wait until Saturday–or any other chosen day–to do your laundry, you might find yourself wanting to wear your favorite sweater in the middle of the week, but it’s buried at the bottom of your laundry basket. Eliminate the dread of laundry day by doing small loads throughout the week. Make Monday denim day, Tuesday towel and sheet day, etc. This way, by the time you get to Saturday, you’ll actually have time to go do something on your list of resolutions!

Use the new year to have a new attitude about laundry! By using Roux Maison detergent, ditching the dryer sheets, and spreading out your laundry duties, you’ll spend less time worrying about your laundry and more time enjoying each day of the year!

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