Washing Holiday Decorations

There is no time of year more fun to decorate for than Christmas. With sequins, ribbons, and all other kinds of embellishments, there is simply nothing more cheerful than Christmas decorations. However, sometimes those embellishments can make washing decorations after Christmas a little difficult. But you never have to worry about ruining your favorite embellished Christmas felt pieces from washing them incorrectly.

You may have never thought of washing your stockings and tree skirts, but after getting stored away in the attic year after year, a simple shaking won’t get off all that dust and dirt that have accumulated in the fibers of your decorations.

The first thing to remember when dealing with felt is not to soak it because the fabric will lose its shape. The last thing you want is a stocking that looks more like an old sock you used to store your marbles in. That’s why it’s important only to spot clean felt items like stocking and tree skirts. Just follow these simple instructions and you’ll have perfectly clean Christmas decorations.

  • Look your stocking and tree skirt over to find the areas that need the most cleaning.
  • Using a clean rag, gently dab the area with water
  • Pour a small amount of Roux Maison Delicate Detergent on the dampened area
  • With a clean toothbrush, gently work the detergent into the fabric using a circular motion
  • Blot with the wet cloth until all of the detergent is gone
  • Air dry

It’s as easy as that! Don’t run the risk of ruining your favorite embellished Christmas decorations by putting them in the washer. Just spot clean with Roux Maison and they’ll be as full of holiday cheer as you are!

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