Wash Bedding with Non-Irritating Detergent

Is there anything better than a great night’s sleep in a luxuriously comfortable bed? If you’re not washing your bedding properly or often enough, you could be sleeping in a living nightmare. Every night, our bodies produce sweat, oil, dead skin, and other bodily fluids that soak into our bedding. That means that if you aren’t laundering your bedding enough, you could literally be sleeping on gallons of sweat and pounds of dead skin cells. If that’s not enough to make you wash all of your bedding immediately, we don’t know what is.

 Let’s start with sheets. Your sheets are what come in the closest contact with your body on your bed, which means they need to be washed most often. We recommend washing sheets once a week–pick a day of the week and just stick with it! If weekly is too difficult, be sure to wash sheets at least every other week. To wash your sheets, add two capfuls of Roux Maison Essential Detergent in your favorite scent to a washer of warm water. Dry on low heat or let the sun dry your sheets in warmer seasons! You just can’t beat that crisp, fresh scent of line-dried linens.

Next come the blankets. Since you don’t come in a much contact with blankets and some people don’t even use blankets year-round, blankets only need to be washed monthly. Before washing, be sure to shake those blankets out well. We all have bad habits of snacking in bed sometimes, so those cracker crumbs are bound to get trapped in your blankets. When you’re ready to wash your blanket, add two capfuls of Roux Maison Essential Detergent to cold water and wash on the gentle cycle. Dry on low heat.

Quilts and comforters can be a pain to wash, but with the refreshing scents of Roux Maison, that chore can turn into a relaxation routine as you wash these cumbersome objects. If you simply need to spot clean your quilt or comforter, simply add a few drops of Roux Maison Essential or Delicate detergent to a bowl of cold water and dab with a white cloth, then rinse thoroughly with cold water. If you need to wash the entire quilt or comforter, you may want to visit a laundromat in case your washer is not large enough. Wash on cold with two capfuls or Roux Maison Essential or Delicate detergent in cold water. Dry on low heat. If your quilt is particularly fragile–like if your great grandmother made it by hand–you may want to be extra careful and handwash in cold water with one capful of Roux Maison Delicate Detergent.

Remember, when drying your bedding, be sure not to use dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are full of chemicals that rub off onto your linens, breaking down the fibers of your bedding and undoing all of the work your Roux Maison detergent did to remove them. Dryer sheets can also act as allergens that can make you and your family sick. Go the hypoallergenic route and choose wool dryer balls or other natural alternatives to avoid these risks. Your family and your laundry will thank you.

Washing bedding doesn’t have to be the tedious task you’re imagining it to be. Just set aside a day of the week to tackle your sheets and blankets, all while letting Roux Maison’s luxurious scents transport you to a calming laundry oasis.

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