High Efficiency Washers vs. Traditional Washers

So you’re thinking of buying a new washer and dryer. You like the idea of a High Efficiency washer because it sounds fancy and impressive and it’s probably on the list of Oprah’s Favorite Things. The only problem is, you’re not really sure what makes it special or why the price tag makes your eyes hurt more than those of regular washers do. Before you whip out the credit card and start thinking of ways to convince your husband that he can use it too, let’s get down to what makes a washer “High Efficiency” and if you really need one.

The main difference in a High Efficiency washer and a regular washer is the amount of water used. HE washers typically use about 40% less water than other washers because they do not fully submerge the laundry in water–they use only the amount of water that is needed to clean the clothes or linens. This means you improve the environment by using less water and you keep your wallet happy by lowering your water bill.

Another important difference in HE machines is the absence of an agitator. That clumsy and cumbersome pole in the middle of your washer is nowhere to be seen in High Efficiency washers. This means a gentler wash for your clothes and more room in the barrel so you can do fewer loads!

The drawbacks to High Efficiency washers mostly show themselves on the price tag. HE washers are significantly more pricey than regular washers, which also means they cost a lot more to have repaired if something goes wrong. A hidden cost of High Efficiency washers is that they can only be used with high efficiency detergent. Luckily, Roux Maison Laundry Detergents are all compatible with HE washers due to their low-sudsing qualities. So if you do decide to make the switch to a High Efficiency machine, you don’t have to give up your favorite detergent!

If you don’t feel like springing to buy a High Efficiency washer right now, but you still want the benefits of clothes washed with care and affection, you’re in luck. Roux Maison detergent is made with only the highest quality natural ingredients and will leave your clothes looking and feeling good as new every time you wash them. This means using less detergent and washing less frequently, saving you money with every load of laundry. As we all know from our prom photos, there are pros and cons to every decision–even when it comes to laundry.

So if you’re thinking of purchasing a High Efficiency washer, try switching to Roux Maison laundry detergent in your normal washer first. It may be the only improvement your laundry needs.

Be advised, though. High Efficiency machines are becoming the norm in the laundry world. Although the price tag may seem shocking, the initial cost tends to make up for itself in lower water bills and using less detergent. So if you’re already spending a fortune repairing your regular washer, you may want to consider going ahead and making the switch to a high efficiency washer.

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