Washing Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers: they’ve been around forever and they seem to be making a comeback in popularity. Sustainability and “going green” are on everyone’s minds these days — not to mention saving money. Cloth diapers are a great way to be mindful of the environment and your wallet. Unfortunately, it’s probably one of the stinkiest and messiest ways to do this. But with the help of Roux Maison, you’ll have fresh, white diapers in just a few simple steps.

Many moms these days have some sort of pail or mini-shower to rinse off their babies’ dirty diapers before laundering, but not all moms do. So if you are a mom without a mini-shower, there’s an easier way to removing the mess from your baby’s diapers without having to hose it off in the yard. Simply take the dirty diaper into the bathroom and dip the soiled area into the toilet. Be sure you have a firm grip on the edge of the diaper and flush the toilet. The force of the water will rinse the mess out of the diaper and help prevent stains.

Now it’s time to toss the diapers in the washer. It’s a good idea to pre-rinse the diapers in cold water to help prevent any stains from setting. Do not ring out the diapers completely. You’ll want them to be almost dripping when you put them in the washer so that all the stains and odor can wash out completely.

If you’re using cloth diapers, you’re probably conscious of the environment and typically wash your clothes in cold water. This is a great practice for most of your clothing, but diapers need to be washed in HOT water. This will kill any bacteria and odor clinging to the diaper.

When choosing your detergent, there’s not a better choice for your baby than Roux Maison. Because our fragrance-free formulas are hypoallergenic, you won’t have to worry about your baby having an allergic reaction to any dyes or perfumes commonly found in many other detergents. Just two capfuls of Roux Maison Essential Detergent will do the trick to freshen and deeply clean your baby’s diapers without risking any damage to the fabric or your baby’s skin.

For especially offensively smelling diapers, add half a cup of baking soda and a splash of vinegar to the wash. This will destroy those odors and any bacteria that could be stored up in the fibers of those diapers.

Never dry cloth diapers on full heat. Instead, dry them partially on low heat and then hang them out to dry. This will keep them soft and fresh without breaking down the fabric of the diapers. If the diapers are looking slightly discolored, do not use chlorine bleach. Instead, use our formula for a natural bleach alternative, or allow the sun to brighten them!

Washing cloth diapers is a stinky business, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. With a splash of Roux Maison Laundry Detergent and a little preparation, those diapers will be good as new, which will keep you and your baby happy!

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